Pros and Cons Of Free Speech On College Campuses

Pros and Cons Of Free Speech On College Campuses
Pros and Cons Of Free Speech On College Campuses
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Who doesn’t want to raise their voice in this complex era? Almost everyone wants to raise their voice for their rights. Having the right to freedom of speech is a basic need of an individual. On campuses, having the freedom of speech can actually help a student address their needs and requirements. They can also raise their voice on the behalf of a group or a society. Where free speech opens multiple doors of opportunities, it can also close many of them and affect the students negatively. So here we are going to discuss some of the pros and cons of free speech on college campuses.


Spread Awareness: Awareness is the first necessary thing for a change. It is important that people know why the change is important. Free speech on college campuses helps a person to spread awareness. Not only does it help people to address their concerns but also allows others to question their viewpoints and share their perspectives and ideas. People can share the evidence-based statements and factors. Freedom enables the speaker to spread knowledge and awareness through his or her speech.

Discourage Unjust: When you are studying in a college, there can be many policies you don’t appreciate, made by those in power. When someone has power, they have the authority to design any policy and strategy under their governance. Such policies may be violating the rights of the students and college staff. Freedom of speech lets you speak against such policies. Delivering free speech may help in raising the voice against the prevailing unjust and inequality. A person can criticize the policies and rules on behalf of the affected individuals.

Peaceful change: Choosing a pen over a sword is better to solve a matter. When you can solve a matter by addressing it, there is no need to be violent. The speech is a step towards a positive and peaceful change. It helps a person to conduct a peaceful protest and address their concern without demonstrating any negative behaviour. It lets an individual speak their issues out and demand change for affected people. This way of protest gives everyone positive vibes and promotes harmony

Promotes diversity: Everyone knows that if someone wants to normalize diversity, the first thing they can do is to speak. There are many articles designed by genuine essay writing services based on this topic. The right of free speech inside the college campuses lets each student share their viewpoint and raise their voice against discrimination, inequality, and injustice. Their voice helps the audience understand their perspective and accept them for who they are.


False statements: Telling lies and showing fake sentiments is not hard for everybody. Many people take advantage of the freedom of speech for telling lies. They make false statements and unsupported assumptions but because of their confidence, everyone believes them. They also support their false statements with the help of misleading information on the internet. Thanks to the cheap assignment help UK, which has much information with authentic evidence of how people convert the lie into truth and you can also identify whether the source the speaker is using is authentic or not.

Offensive Speech: Billions of people in the world with a limited mindset are quite impossible. Different people, belonging to different backgrounds have different kinds of mindsets, thinking and opinions. There can be a situation where one person raises the voice against any factor but it offends the other person.  A very common example of this is the same-gender marriage idea. Some people are in favour of this idea and some people offend this perspective. There are minimum chances that you can deliver the free speech without offending anyone.

Violence: Free speech on campus can also promote violence. It is a fact that when you raise your voice against something, there are two types of the audience listening to you, one who supports you and the other who does not support you. But, there can be another type, the one who doesn’t support and is aggressive enough to hurt you for having an opposite opinion. So, it can be said that free speech may give a raise to violence and harmful activities.

Forcing: People can also use the freedom of speech in diverting the thinking pattern of their audience. With the help of sugar-coated words, they can impose wrong behaviour or an illegal act. They have the ability to make people think that what they are doing is right (even though it is illegal). There is a lot you can learn about the forceful acts through essay mills, they have detailed information about how people force you into entering something wrong or illegal with the help of their sweet gestures.

Reduce the compromising attitude: Freedom of speech also reduce the desire of a person to compromise. The students think they can do whatever they want and they can speak whatever they want, even if their speech is hurtful, even if they are delivering a hate speech. They do it, claiming it to be their political right.


We have always heard that every story has two sides. Similarly, where there is a good side to something, there is a bad side as well. Where freedom of speech provides a person many opportunities, it also plays a negative role sometimes. Where it gives you the opportunity to disclose the unjust, it may also gain you some enemies for disclosing them. While it gives you the opportunity to promote peace and harmony, it can also offend some of the listeners.  There can be people who can spread wrong information and make false statements in the name of “awareness”. Like every other factor of this world, there are many advantages and disadvantages of a college campus’s free speech.

Adilah Bisar

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