Effective and Proven tips for Board Exams in 2022

Proven tips for Board exams
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No one can deny that the board exams play a very crucial role in each and every student’s life. It is usually a critical time that demands a lot of hard work and perseverance from the students. 

When it comes to exam preparation, the students get confused due to lack of confidence and improper strategy. So, if you are a board student who is about to have examinations soon, then this article is meant for you.

Here we are going to share some proven tips for board exams that will help you out in scoring a high percentage which will directly help you in your further studies.

Proven tips for Board exams

Students, usually board exams are conducted for Class 10th and 12th students. Results of both the classes are very important for the further stream or college allotment. 

Therefore the only way to get your favourite stream in Class 11th or favourite course and campus after Class 12th, it becomes increasingly important to score good marks. 

Let’s have a look at these Proven tips for Board exams which can really help you in scoring good marks.

1. Understand the exam

Many teachers and toppers suggest that before preparing for any exam, the students should understand the exam. The students should be familiar with the exam pattern and the concept behind the examination. 

For example, if we talk about the Class 12th Physics exam, it consists of derivations, theorems, formula based questions, etc. So while studying or preparing for the exam, you must focus on the important derivations and formulas.

In a similar way the Class 10th English exam comprises essay, letter and notice writing. The students must be familiar with all these in order to score good marks.

2. Latest Syllabus

Syllabus is the most important part of exam preparation. When it comes to studying the chapters goven in the textbooks, students should refer to the syllabus in order to save precious time. 

In this COVID time, almost all boards have reduced the existing syllabus by nearly 30%. You can download the latest syllabus in PDF format from hindimestudy website. After downloading the latest syllabus you can point out the important and high scoring chapters from the syllabus and start preparing them.

In case you have less time then you should refer to the blueprint in order to skip less weightage topics. In this way the syllabus is helpful in saving effort and time.

3. Prepare Notes

While studying the chapters mentioned in the syllabus, the students are advised to prepare notes including important definitions, derivations, theorems, one liners, formulas, etc.

These short notes can also be prepared by marking these important stuff in the textbooks. In case you don’t have much time for preparing notes, then we will advise you to highlight the important points directly in the books.

Short notes help you in the quick revision while examinations. Once you complete preparing the notes, you can revise them accordingly. Additionally, you can mention the questions present in your home assignments in your notes. 

This tip is very helpful in saving your time during examinations, so make sure you prepare short notes during your classes.

4. Model Papers

Model papers are one of the best study materials that are helpful in exam preparation. Before sitting in the board exams, you should solve some Model Papers. 

These model and sample papers are prepared by a hard working team of experienced teachers. Such model papers consist of previous year questions, most expected questions, important derivations, etc. 

The most fascinating benefit of the Model papers is that the students get the idea about the upcoming exam. Additionally you can find your weak topics by solving these model papers. 

Later you can prepare such topics to be more confident during exams. So make sure you find and solve some 11th & 12th Model Papers for your better preparation.

5. Previous Year Question Papers

Solving Previous year question papers gives us a brief idea about the level of questions that may be asked. Students are advised several times to solve the previous year question papers because sometimes you may find repeated questions in the exams.

So if you have enough time after your preparation, then you should find some previous year question papers and start solving them. You will never regret solving these previous year question papers.

Summing up – Proven tips for Board exams

Aspirants, here you got some proven tips for Board exams which if followed, can help you in scoring good marks. 

During the exam time, you should focus only on your studies rather than wasting time on extra activities such as social media, movies, playing, etc. .

On the other hand you can meditate daily to improve your focus and concentration. Above all,you need to work hard and spend most of your time in revision and practice.

If you find this article helpful, then we will suggest you to share these proven tips for board exams with your classmates too.

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