6 Proven Marketing Strategies that No SaaS Marketing Agency will Tell You

A SaaS marketing agency has to do a lot of grunt work.

Of course, marketing is a tough task. But what about marketing something you cannot physically present? Or something that only caters to a handful of b2b companies. Or a solution that has a funny or weird name? 

You get the picture.

Marketing is not for the faint-hearted. It’s arduous. And virtually, it is absolutely different from every other type of marketing that the digital nomads are aware of. 

For this very reason, you need a battle-tested marketing strategy to sway your ideal customers and drive conversions. Here we have listed some proven SaaS marketing strategies that will help you successfully market your SaaS service. 

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  1. Clearly Display SaaS Prices 

Every professional SaaS marketing agency will tell you that your SaaS pricing has a profound impact on your sales. It is a key deciding factor for many customers, so make sure you are honest about it with your potential customers.   

Create your pricing page in a way that helps prospects quickly decide whether or not they can pay that price. 

You can find countless pricing page examples over the internet where SaaS service providers have clearly listed various price plans to help potential customers make a conscious decision. 

  1. Run Pay-Per-Click Ads 

 While one cannot deny the significance of search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, a pay-per-click ad campaign is another effective marketing tactic for SaaS businesses. 

If you don’t have enough organic traffic, it’s a terrific marketing approach to gain more leads through your website. That too in quick time. 

The key to running a successful paid ad campaign is trying out different ad copies and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Make sure to add relevant industry keywords to your ad copy, so they pop up against all relevant search engine queries. 

But how on earth can you find relevant keywords and incorporate them into your marketing strategy? 

Use popular tools like SEMRush to find keywords related to your industry for your paid ad campaigns. Tools will allow you to conduct keyword research and help you create a strategic marketing plan and track your traffic from ad campaigns.    

Resultantly, you will be in a better position to optimize your ad campaign’s performance. 

Besides this, you need to ensure your ads communicate your value proposition and lure a relevant target audience. 

Though paid ad campaigns are costly, many SaaS marketing agencies are still persistent with them. That’s because they are scalable, and you can reduce or increase your spending at any given time to make your marketing plan successful.   

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  1. Use Content Marketing 

Content marketing is the go-to strategy for any SaaS marketing agency to generate leads. Posting original and quality content on your website not only helps your rank higher in the Google search queries but also brings more relevant traffic. 

But there is a problem. 

Finding interesting topics and producing unique content regularly can be a tough task unless you have a reliable marketing partner like DFY SaaS by your side. 

But if you are into DIY (do it yourself), then consider leveraging content marketing tools that can help you uncover best-performing content over the internet. It will allow you to create relevant content and gain traction. You can also find influencers in your niche and reach out to them for partnership. 

Optimizing your content with the best keywords is another way to lure the right audience. 

But text content isn’t all that you should focus on. Give your readers and target customers some visual content too. The design of your landing pages has the power to thwart your lead generation strategy efforts. Hence you must strive to design them in a way that they push visitors to leave their personal information. 

Mind you, it’s the effectiveness of content marketing that convinced SaaS companies around the globe to create their own blogs and make content an integral part of their SaaS marketing strategy. Running a blog as a SaaS company helps you establish your position as a thought leader in the industry. Resultantly, you get more qualified leads and potential SaaS users. 

  1. Profit from Search Engine Optimization    

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another effective SaaS marketing tactic that can give you a steady stream of leads. SEO is closely tied with content marketing and aims at bringing more site visitors by making your website visible to the target audience. With quality backlinks, SEO can also help you drive referral traffic. 

However, keep an eye on a few things if you want to improve your SEO. And tools can come in handy at this phase. 

With the right tool, you can find quality keywords, keep an eye on your ranking, build backlinks, and can even check on-page SEO. The tools can crawl your website and identify errors which will allow you to rectify them as quickly as possible. 

On top of it, you can track your competitors too with the help of an SEO tool. It will keep you in the know of what your competitors are doing and where you stand compared to your rivals. Based on these insights, you can always make the changes and improve your SEO to meet your goals.  


Leverage these proven marketing tactics and improve lead generation and customer acquisition for your SaaS business. 

But know that the rules of traditional marketing do not apply to SaaS companies. You need to create an effective SaaS marketing strategy to rise from the ashes. There is a hell of a difference between the buyers’ attitude and how the market perceives SaaS products and services. 

It bounds you to seek actionable advice from a seasoned marketer or reputable SaaS marketing agency like DFY SaaS that has helped hundreds of SaaS companies to date. 

We hope this post will prove useful for your business and help you garner more leads and customers in no time. 

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