Pyramid Tent Reviews

pyramid tent
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In a winter, the inner tent of a pyramid tent can help keep you dry if it rains. However, you can also skip the inner tent altogether to save weight and bulk. This is especially helpful if you’re camping in the snow. But if you prefer the warmth of a cozy inner tent, you can opt for an outer tent with mesh hoods and waterproof groundsheets.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear pyramid tent is a durable, portable shelter that offers ample space and efficiency. It can be quickly and easily set up and provides shelter against all but the harshest conditions. Its sturdy design is lightweight, yet strong enough to endure harsh conditions, including extreme cold.

Mountain Laurel Designs

The Mountain Laurel Designs pyramid tent is extremely easy to set up. It can be pitched in under two minutes with a little motivation. First of all, it is important to pitch the shelter square and tight. Most tent setup problems arise when the floor of the shelter is not square. Make sure that all of the corner angles are 90 degrees, and that there is no slack in the corner guylines. You can use LineLocks to tighten the guylines, if necessary.

Mountain X

The Mountain X pyramid tent is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys camping in the great outdoors. The weight of the tent is only 33 ounces when assembled without stakes. It is also available in two sizes.

DD SuperLight

The DD SuperLight Pyramid Tent is an extra-light option for a 2-layer tipi style set-up. This frame-free, single-layered tent weighs 460g (excluding pegs/guys).

MSR Front Range

The Pyramid tent for MSR Front Range is a simple, lightweight, and weather-resistant design. It is ideal for backpackers who want to maximize their weight-conscious abilities. The tent also allows you to easily unzip the walls to increase airflow, and its lightweight design makes it an excellent value. In addition, it is a perfect choice for spring mountaineering and treeline camping.

MSR Solomid XL

If you’re looking for a pyramid tent, you may want to consider the MSR Solomid XL pyramid tent. This model features a pyramid design that is great for extreme weather conditions and is highly rated by users. It has an inner floorless half to keep the weight of your gear low. A floorless half also helps you safely cook in bad weather. While many manufacturers sell this model, it’s worth looking for one that includes interior gear loops and attachment points. Having these features in your tent will allow you to suspend other items you may need.

Seek Outside Cimarron

The Seek Outside Cimarron is a four-person pyramid tent with a footprint that can fit on most campground pads. It features a carbon fiber pole and dual doors with #8 YKK zippers. This tent is an excellent choice for backcountry hunting and other adventures. It packs small and pitches quickly, and comes with a stove jack for cold weather.

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