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Speed Cubers

The Speed Cubers is a documentary about the world’s top speed cubers. It follows Feliks Zemdegs and Max Park in their quest for the world title. The film is directed by Sue Kim. It features interviews with the speed cubers and includes rare footage. It is well worth watching.

The Speed Cubers

The Speed Cubers is a documentary about speedcubing champions. The documentary is directed by Sue Kim and focuses on Feliks Zemdegs and his team of speed cubing athletes. It aims to provide the audience with an inside look at these athletes and their world. The documentary also explores the challenges that speed cubing poses to athletes.

While most people know about the world of professional cubing, The Speed Cubers is a moving film about the special bond that can be formed between two people who have very different backgrounds. While the documentary is about a competition between two people with different abilities, it shows how a supportive friendship can change a person’s outlook on life. In the film, Park and Feliks are described as role models and heroes, and Max, a 17-year-old Californian who suffers from autism, develops friendships with them. The movie is an inspiring movie that will touch people of all ages.

Max Park

The Max Park Speed Cubbers documentary follows the world speedcubing champions in the sport. It’s an inspiring look at the life and success of these athletes. The film is directed by Sue Kim and stars Feliks Zemdegs. You’ll see the excitement and competition that goes into making the most perfect cube and how it can lead to world speed records.

While cubing may seem like a simple activity, it is surprisingly difficult for autistic children to execute it successfully. However, this activity can help improve many aspects of a child with autism, from eye contact and communication to social contexts and nonverbal cues. Not only does cubing improve social skills, but it can help a child with autism become more confident and self-reliant.

Feliks Zemdegs

If you are looking for a great documentary about speed cubing champions, you might want to watch The Speed Cubers. This documentary is directed by Sue Kim and follows Feliks Zemdegs. The documentary features some great footage from the speedcubing world’s most famous competitions.

The world record holder in speed cubing is Feliks Zemdegs, an Australian of Latvian heritage. He developed an interest in solving the Rubik’s cube at an early age and had a regular cube for several years before he decided to buy a speed cube. He has since gone on to win championships and inspired many other speed cubers to pursue the sport.


QiYi’s MS line of magnetic speed cubes is the newest addition to its speed cube lineup. It offers the best in performance at an affordable price. Its magnetic technology offers an ultra-smooth feel and precise layer turning, making it one of the fastest economy cubes available today.

QiYi’s MS speed cubes are affordable and come in a range of colors. They have an attractive stickerered design and are also available in sticker-less versions. Their magnetic cores have omnidirectional axes to give them a unique magnetic feel. This allows for precise corner cutting, with no twists or pops. Their magnets are extremely powerful, and they are easy to tune for maximum precision.


If you’re considering buying a speed cube, you’ve probably already decided on a brand. If you’ve chosen QiYi, you’ve probably found several different types to choose from. If you’re looking for an affordable speed cube, you may want to check out the MS line from QiYi. This new line features magnetic cubes with a crisp feel and a smooth transition from frosted plastic to plastic. It’s an excellent entry-level cube that provides excellent accuracy and a comfortable experience.

QiYi GTS M2 speedcubers are popular with cube enthusiasts because they’re very easy to use. They are also fairly affordable compared to the top-of-the-line models. However, if you’re looking for the fastest speed, you may want to consider other models. The Aolong has been considered to be one of the best 4×4 speed cubes.

Max’s friendship with Feliks Zemdegs

The friendship between Max and Feliks Zemdegs is the heart of the Rubik’s Cube movie. Both men are talented athletes with Autism, but Max has trouble expressing his emotions. Feliks is a mentor for Max and helps him overcome his challenges.

While Feliks lives in the US, he keeps in touch with Max through the internet. When Max beats Feliks’ world records, he calls Feliks to congratulate him and show his real joy. As a result, the two become friends and even face off in the cubing world championship.

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