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Last updated on January 9th, 2023 at 04:00 pm

How to Maintain Your Quad Bike?

Maintaining your Quad Bike – ATV – Buggy – Minamoto between manufacturers service schedules is very important and should be second nature to the owner of the machine. If you have a children’s

quad bike rental Dubai it is always good practice to show the child some general maintenance. By this we don’t mean how to remove a spark plug from a quad bike or top up the oil on a mini-moto – the more checking parts are tough and don’t lose or break.

How To – Maintain Quad Bike – Mini Moto – ATV – Small Vehicle

One of the first tips we always tell people is to make sure you wear protective clothing when you’re doing periodic inspections or maintenance. Lubricating oils and certain grease compounds can cause irritation – so making sure you have good protection on your hands is always important. There are latex glove manufacturers that will deliver directly from the Internet and can be purchased in single boxes or multiple units. All in all it shouldn’t cost you more than £11 or £12 per box at today’s prices including delivery (please check the date of the article). Box sizes vary but an average box contains 250-300 pairs depending on the manufacturer and glove size.

Due to the roughness some Quad Bikes – ATV’s – Buggies – Minamoto’s can be placed under it it is always good practice to inspect the machine before moving it out of the garage or storage area. Some machines that look like replicas of larger machines do not have the same suspension quality as larger versions. Also, some moving parts in small machines are obviously under a lot of stress in short bursts causing them to undergo temperature changes that could lead to possible weakening of the material over time. Is. Most 50cc children’s quad bikes lack a rear suspension unit and this includes children’s mini motorbikes – children’s ATVs etc. It is not only 50cc children’s quad bike but can also be seen on 90cc quad bikes and 110cc quad bikes.

The parts that are recommended for periodic inspection are the more external moving parts and it may be a particular task or format that the machine is taken out to perform – possibly every week or so. Once in a fortnight. Another good reason to make sure that it is your responsibility for your children to wear protective clothing is to make sure that the machine is up to scratch, ensuring that it does not fail. The probability is minimal. .

Most if not all children’s quad bikes have areas where something can be done to reduce the risk of failure, including the following:

Regular Quad Bike Maintenance

Always make sure you degrease the chain and sprocket regularly and use a quality spray silicon wax or oil to keep the chain up to scratch. These items can be purchased from any quad bike parts store, motorcycle dealer or bicycle shop. Never use new or old engine oil as it is not intended for outdoor use and can be harmful to wildlife.

Make sure all wheel nuts are checked for tension. You can use a tension bar but before doing so, check the owner’s manual to find the tension settings. An over-tightened wheel nut can be just as dangerous as a loose one. When removing wheels for any reason, it’s good practice to make sure to replace the wheel nuts with copper grease. This will keep both the stud and nut in good alignment.

Depending on the size of your quad bike or ATV, this will tell if your machine has disc or drum brakes. If you have drum brakes it’s always a good practice to do this again, make sure all the external parts are free of rust or dirt – once clean you can give them a small amount to keep them moving. I can spray with silicone oil. If your quad biking has disc brakes, always check that the parts are free of dirt or stones that could prevent inadequate operation or complete failure. Do not spray their discs or brake pads with oil or silicon-based products as this may cause the distance changes to stop.

Braking systems and linkages.

Most cables for brake and throttle linkages are pretty much the same as those on Quad Bikes, ATVs, Minamoto’s or Buggies – check to make sure they aren’t pinched or damaged in any way and if any If there is no smooth operation with cable, you can use normal 3in1 bike. Oil to keep them lubricated. Some small quad bikes will have both brake levers on the handlebars, while others may have one handbrake on the handlebars and another as a footbrake on the right side of the machine.

Electric Start – Kickstarts.

If your Mini Quad Bike/ATV/Buggy or Minamoto has an electric start it is standard practice to ensure that the battery is checked regularly for damage, leaks or simply tightening of the terminal connections. A standard copper grease can be used on the battery connections and prolongs the life of the terminals.

If your quad bike has them, that is again one of the regular inspections. Some child quad bikes are battery-powered so they don’t have fuel lines, but those that do should be checked for deterioration – bursting – cracks at regular intervals. Some inexpensive child quad bikes, child ATVs, child buggies and child Minamoto’s may use materials that on first inspection look as good as those used on adult quad bikes or ATVs, but would be a far inferior product.

Plastic Panels – Mountain Brackets.

Plastic panels get knocked and bumped more often. It is always good to check the retaining brackets and bolts that hold the panels in place to reduce the chances of your child being involved in a minor accident. Although most panels are flexible, they look good on the face when bumped or knocked, but a bolt system can work underneath.


Handle bar studs are very strong and tight but should be checked frequently. Although they may seem like a part that doesn’t need much adjustment, the distance can always fall off. This can dramatically affect not only performance, but also the rider and how he controls the machine.


Always keep the maintenance of your machine at the top because it is something that will prolong the life, safety and pleasure while riding. For more information and to receive our monthly updates on Buying a Quad A Quad Bike – Quad Bike Safety Tips – Selling a Quad Bike and more, please visit the website below this article and monthly Sign up for the newsletter.

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