Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Shopify Developer!

People are lured to online shopping and e-commerce more and more as the world becomes more digitalized, and no one has time to go shopping in person.

Many people now like Shopify, an e-commerce platform that Tobias Lutke and Scott Lake introduced in 2006. From start-ups to the Fortune 500, more than 1,700,000 enterprises rely on this scalable platform. As of September 2021, Shopify has the most significant e-commerce market share in the USA, with 29% of companies utilizing it.

Companies like Pepsi, Nestle, Budweiser, and even successful musicians like Kanye West, Eminem, and Justin Bieber utilize Shopify. According to all these facts, Shopify is one of the most widely used e-commerce systems.

While starting a Shopify business is critical, keeping it running is even more crucial. Shopify business owners should hire Shopify developers to make the most of the platform’s unique capabilities. This article will discuss the questions you must ask before hiring a Shopify developer.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Shopify Developers

  1. How long have they been in business?

You may think this is obvious, but believer experts suggest that this will serve as the foundation for all your following conversations. Consider having a novice handle your project demands if your company sells more than 2000 goods. An e-commerce store’s optimization is equally as tricky as its development. It is because there will be a vast number of factors to take equally as problematic as its development. It is because there will be a considerable number of factors to take into account, like payment gateways, checkout options, SEO, and a million other things. You need a skilled Shopify Developer who can help you with installation and configuration.

You may need to transfer the necessary data from your old e-commerce site to a new one. A developer must be knowledgeable about the two most important duties of any e-commerce platform, including Shopify: data integration and migration.

  1. Do They Have Knowledge of Shopify APIs?

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, let Shopify’s professional developers turn an essential website into a full-fledged online shop.

To address a range of business difficulties, Shopify has a large number of APIs accessible. For instance, the Storefront API enables developers to provide unique shopping functions. The Marketing Events API, on the other hand, will allow developers to create numerous marketing events, such as events triggered during email campaigns.

If a Shopify developer doesn’t have in-depth knowledge of and expertise using these APIs, they won’t be able to provide you the value you want. You have to finish your assignment here.

Observe the numerous Shopify APIs on the official API guidelines page and take notes. No need to go very technical here. To understand more about APIs on page, list them and click on links to their descriptions.

Then, ask a Shopify developer about the API instructions you have chosen when you talk with them. If you think the developer’s understanding of the APIs needs to be improved, keep looking.

Conversely, assurance in replies and explanations shows that the developer is informed about the problem and that you can rely on them.

  1. After the Project Is Online, Will They Still Support and Maintain It?

Shopify development services include support and maintenance even after creating an online shop and after it has gone LIVE. It is advised to check for the information on the developer’s website.

Some businesses could provide free support and maintenance services for a brief period. Others could start taking money starting on the first day of deployment. A post-launch service is necessary in every case.

  1. Can They Make Their Shopify Shops Mobile-Friendly?

By 2023, there will be 7.33 billion mobile phone users worldwide, predicts Statista. A sizable portion of this population finds mobile shopping enjoyable. If you want your online business to be mobile-friendly in light of the expanding mobile commerce, there are a few things to keep in mind.

It’s essential to find out how knowledgeable the developer is with mobile platforms. Find out how the finished product is tested. What hardware and software do they use to provide their clients with the most extraordinary mobile experience?

Remember that you will need more than virtual devices to provide you with the most considerable advantage. Your Shopify shop must be operated on actual smartphones or tablets so that you can see how specific functionalities function.

  1. What Tools Do They Use for Communication and Project Management?

This question suggests that you should always inquire before employing Shopify engineers.

Your developers may use Proofhub while you utilize Slack since there are many Project Management and Communication solutions available. Ask whether they are willing to modify the instruments of your choice in advance.

Since you want a clear channel of communication and because your involvement and input will affect the outcome.

  1. Does Their Product Provide Free Minor Updates and Bug Fixes?

People prefer offering free fixes. It’s a red flag that a Shopify developer has the training or expertise necessary to do a task accurately the first time when they don’t offer bug fixes or minor improvements in their bundle.

Minor updates are essential for you, the client since they allow you to make small changes to your project without incurring any costs. Updates could not even be related to how well the task is done. Sometimes, you need to modify the wording used in a button’s call to action.

Of course, there must be a limit. There will often be one or two rounds of minor updates. The developer wants you to pay for each aesthetic adjustment as if it were a whole new order, as seen by his unwillingness to make any minor modifications.

  1. Do They Communicate Promptly and Transparently?

Clear communication is essential when building a Shopify online business. You and a developer could misunderstand one other, which would raise expenses.

The specialized Project Manager of a respected Shopify development firm may swiftly address any questions you have about the project’s commercial and technical components.

Your inquiries should be sent to the Shopify developer through email or via a sales chat. Please pay attention to how fast they react and whether or not they are concise and exact in what they say.

  1. Do They Provide Prompt Assistance for Time-Sensitive Projects?

No matter how cliché it seems, time is money in a fast-paced, high-dynamic business environment. A last-minute task that you “should have done yesterday” may be what you are working on. Only a sizable Shopify development company can do this, as freelancers sometimes struggle to handle projects with short deadlines.

A sizable Shopify development company may finish a project twice as quickly without compromising quality. It is made possible by a number of prior ASAP initiatives that were completed and a carefully designed, efficient methodology for these particular conditions.

You will know who to contact for help if you ever need it and if the person or company has any expertise with ASAP projects.


 Read this article if you’re unsure and want to understand more about how a Shopify developer may assist you. On many different sites, you can find and interact with Shopify developers. You might choose to outsource the development of your Shopify shop, or you can employ Shopify specialists. To guarantee the success of your eCommerce firm, you must ask these questions regardless of the route you follow or the people you recruit.

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