Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review: Does it Still The Best Fake Urine?

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Quick Fix synthetic urine is serving the market for years but is it good enough for you? Read through the entire article to find out about its features and characteristics and decide for yourself if this is what you are looking for in synthetic urine.

To start with, I would like to highlight that Quick fix is being evolved with every passing year to refine the formula as per modern urine drug tests. Currently, you can buy quick-fix 6.3 synthetic urine to pass a urine drug test with a negative result. It implies that the manufacturer is continuously trying to bring improvement in the formula. Now, without further ado let us unveil the features of this synthetic urine.

What is Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine

Let us start with the positive features of this product. Quick Fix is a complete package of perfect appearance and basic chemical composition to dodge a urine drug test. It possesses adequate color, smell, froth, pH level, gravity, urea, uric acid, and creatinine as close to natural human urine. Quick fix 6.3 comes with a container of liquid synthetic urine which is premixed along with disposable heating pads.

The mixture is premixed so you don’t have to mix it with water, rather it is ready to use. This saves time, energy and effort. If you are lazy and prefer a ready-made mixture then it will surely appeal to you.  There are actually better brands of synthetic urine on the market such as Quick Luck and Sub Solution, for a great, very detailed comparison please check out ccwrc.org.

How To Use Quick Fix Urine For A Drug Test

It is quite easy to use this synthetic urine. Quick Fix kit contains a liquid sample, heat pad, elastic band and a container to hold urine. All you need to do is to heat it to raise the temperature to that of natural human urine. The heating pads that come with them are of very fine quality and can maintain the temperature of synthetic urine. Although you need to microwave the synthetic urine and make sure that the temperature lies between 900F to 1000F. Once you reach this temperature you can attach a heating pad with the synthetic urine container. You can do this either with the rubber band that comes with the kit or you can also use any good quality tape to join the heating pad to the container so that it keeps managing the temperature of the liquid inside it until it is poured down in the sampling container or cup.

You can easily hide this container inside your underpants. On the safe side, you can wear two underpants and keep the container between them. Make sure to keep a bottle of hot boiling water with you. Just before entering the lab check the temperature of synthetic urine. If it falls below the required temperature then add a few amounts of boiling water to ensure that the urine sample has the ideal temperature.

The temperature thing is so emphasized because it is the very first thing that the lab attendant notices. If the temperature of a sample doesn’t match the required level then it is deemed inappropriate and all your efforts go unrewarded.

Quick Fix is available at an affordable price of $30 which makes it pocket-friendly and accessible to the masses.


Coming towards the downside, a quick fix does not contain any specific biological markers that enhance its’ authenticity. In other words, quick fix contains only the basic elements of human urine and lacks advanced features

Is Quick Fix Still Work In 2023?

The quick fix contains all necessary constituents that can pass it as a non-toxic urine sample. It can easily pass a basic test that is conducted in a cheap to a normal lab where a general overview of drug consumption is needed. . This makes it a fine choice for a simple preliminary drug screening. Quick Fix can pass the validity and temperature test but if it is scrutinized any further then it will fail and reveal that it is a fake sample. When undergoing such scrutiny, the lab will identify that the sample is fake which puts you in a very difficult position. You won’t be able to get the job (or continue the job) and at the same time, you will get the tag of a forger.

So, in the short being a cheaper product quick fix is worth buying for a basic level urine drug test but you should buy a more advanced synthetic urine for an advanced and modern urine drug test.

Amelia Noah

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