Quick Guide to Improve Rockspace WiFi Extender Performance

Rockspace Wifi Extender Setup
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Users all around the world now consider Rockspace WiFi extender to be an essential amenity, whether they utilize it for video streaming, online gaming, web browsing, or working from home. Perhaps, that is why they have been performing Rockspace WiFi extender setup in their homes.

When surfing the internet, nobody wants to be bothered by interruptions or have their connection slowed down. This article will provide you with a list of some of the greatest hacks that can be used to improve the performance of your Rockspace WiFi network.

The following hacks will also assist you in maximizing the capacity of your home’s wireless network, regardless of the kind of extender that has been installed on your property.

How to Improve Rockspace WiFi Performance?

  1. Eliminate WiFi Interference

In the event that your computer and Rockspace extender are not in direct visual contact with one another, there is a good probability that your connection will be unreliable.

You may solve this problem by positioning your Rockspace extender on a higher surface that is also located in a public space. Aside from that, be sure to keep it away from obstacles such as surfaces that are reflexive, metal appliances, aluminum studs, electrical devices, Bluetooth speakers, fish tanks, and so on. If you do so, you will undoubtedly boost the performance of your Rockspace WiFi to an entirely new level.

  1. Update Extender Firmware

It is critical to get the most recent update for your Rockspace extender whenever one is made available. It is thus recommended that you visit the site of the manufacturer on a regular basis to determine whether or not a new update for your extender is now available.

If you answered yes, you should upgrade the firmware to improve its performance in general. You can do this by accessing the re.rockspace.local web address.

  1. Switch the WiFi Channel

If a significant number of individuals in your vicinity are using the same WiFi channel as you are, then you may have sluggish or unreliable access to the internet. To prevent this, you should improve the speed of your Rockspace WiFi network and move to a channel that has fewer users connected to it.

  1. Restart the Rockspace Extender

If you use your Rockspace WiFi extender for an extended period, just like with other electrical devices, it can eventually heat up and cause problems.

Therefore, you need at least do so once a month in order to restart your device and see the change in internet speed. To restart your device, you just need to turn it off and on.

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  1. Disconnect Extra Devices

It is possible that the speed of your Rockspace extender WiFi may decrease if you have many devices accessing its WiFi network, such as a computer, smartphone, printer, tablet, or Smart TV, among other things.

Disconnecting the devices that are not currently being used will help improve the speed of your WiFi network, at least for the devices that are being used by you and your family. This can be done to repair the problem. Through the use of the Rockspace extender login, you will quickly be able to restrict the number of devices.

  1. Get a New Rockspace Extender

There are occasions when a Rockspace extender alone is not sufficient to broadcast WiFi signals across a whole home. If you have a big house, you may want to think about adding an extender so that you can make the areas of your home that do not have WiFi access into entertaining areas.


If you know of any additional tricks that may improve the speed of Rockspace extender WiFi connection, please share them in the comments area with the rest of the people who are reading this post. In addition, please leave a comment letting us know how you came across the content. Your comment is eagerly welcomed, thank you.

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