10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Raising Geese

Raising Geese
Raising Geese
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Small populations of geese within backyards of suburban homes is becoming more popular due to the fact that many misconceptions regarding the nature of waterfowl are being replaced by truthful information about their habitat and the proper treatment. Here are 10 reasons to think about the possibility of raising backyard geese.

Geese can be loyal

They generally mate with each other and create solid bonds that last for a lifetime. (We humans may be able to learn from their behavior.) A pair that is split up that is within hearing distance of one another will make calls to one another.

If for some reason, an mated pair has to be separated the most appropriate thing to do is to set the two so far that they don’t hear each other. At some point, they’ll make a new pair bond. But it’s not always. I’ve had an Toulouse goose which lost its mate, and then was unable to eat or engage in other activities, pinning away until it passed away.

Geese are excellent parental figures 

One of the advantages of a strong bond between a pair is the fact that the goose can be there to defend his companion while she’s incubating eggs inside nests. After the hatching of the goslings and hatch, the gander will as ferociously protect them, while helping his partner in raising the youngsters.

One of the benefits that comes with raising geese eggs is the fact that you don’t require brooders to raise the next generations. The goose and gander can help you.

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Geese are smart

One of our Embden Ganders was involved in an argument with a skunk who was taking eggs from the nest of his mate’s. The skunk ripped an ounce of flesh from the gander’s chest, leaving the gander to suffer a serious wound that required medical attention from a vet. To stop infection, the gander required daily medication for the duration of a month.

This was a process that he exhibited a routine of not doing each day. In the morning, after the month was finished and we heard a sound on the back of the house -it was the gander waiting to get his medicine. He played the game of pretending to stay away from his medication, however he was aware enough to recognize that it was needed.

Geese are excellent watchesdogs

Many people are more scared of geese than dogs. My first encounter with watch geese came during a visit to an acquaintance whose property was enclosed by a picket fence. The moment I opened the gate, an entire gang of honking and shouting Chinese geese arrived in a bid to scare me of me.

Geese that are properly trained respect their owners and, just like my friend’s watchgeese, are not aggressive towards strangers. In fact, a gander that I once raised was a nanny to a night watchman in an apple-cannery.

Geese are easy to keep

You don’t need to invest a lot of money on goose food since geese are able to forage for the majority themselves if an organic lawn or pasture is available to roam. They’re relatively healthy and extremely durable.

Even if they are able to access shelter something that any goose-raising family should have They tend to be outdoors in all conditions, regardless of the weather.

Geese are excellent gardeners

Because they are active foragers and can extract the majority of their diet from plants, they are frequently used as cost-effective weeders for commercial crops. If appropriately managed, could be utilized in similar ways as backyard plants.

They’re excellent at controlling the weeds and grass in vacant spaces and other areas. They are usually kept in ponds, or allowed to forage through drainage ditches in order to deter excessive growth of vegetation.

Geese lay big and beautiful eggs that are big and beautiful

One goose egg is similar to two chicken eggs, however with more yolks in relation to white. Goose eggs are delicious and eggy due to a diet based on forage and they can be cooked in one way similar to chicken eggs. The eggshells with white shells are significantly stronger than egg shells of chicken.

Based on the biggest circumference, a typical goose egg measures 9 to 10 inches in diameter. After being blown out and dried goose eggs are great for making beautiful jewelry boxes and other projects for crafting.

Unfortunately, many species of goose lay eggs only during the season and the highest number of eggs you can anticipate per calendar year are 50. Some breeds have significantly less eggs than others, so enjoy eggs while you are able to.

The meat of a goose is delicious

Eating the meat of backyard chickens is a delicate subject and it’s been a while since I’ve managed to pull the meat of a goose that was that I have raised in my backyard although I absolutely am a fan of the meat (and am missing it deeply).

However, the reality is that the majority of breeds were created mostly as meat birds which is why the meat from a well cooked goose is incredibly rich and juicy , without being heavy. The fat that is rendered can be used to flavor shortening agent, and (in the days I was raising geese to eat) was for a long time the key ingredient in my popular oatmeal cookies.

Geese can be endlessly entertaining

They are just pure fun to play with. As my partner and me built the retaining wall that we built behind our home Our Emden geese would gather on the top of the wall to observe our every move. They would yell loudly every time we laid a new stone or laid down a piece of equipment.

Every afternoon, when we had finished with our day’s work the gaggle would walk down the hill to check the work. We received such a chuckle from our inspectors that we felt sorry that the wall had been completed. I’m sure the geese were too.

Geese have a long life span

They have been observed to last as long up to 40 years. If you decide to raise geese for your yard, be prepared to spend many years taking pleasure in their company.

Best of Luck!

Rehan Riaz

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