Ranbir Kapoor Net Worth 2022: Net Worth, Income, Salary, Assets, Car Collections and more

Ranbir Kapoor Net Worth
Ranbir Kapoor Net Worth 2022: Net Worth, Income, Salary, Assets, Car Collections and more
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Ranbir Kapoor is an amazing actor in the Bollywood  Film Industry. He has a huge fan base in the country. his net worth is estimated to be $45 million which is around 322 crores INR. He is the superstar of the cinema. He has gathered huge stardom over the years. He is also a producer who has produced several movies. He comes under the list of the highest-paid actors. His acting talent is loved by all of his fans and supporters. He has been part of more than 17 movies in Bollywood,  in which almost all of the movies were a hit. He started his career with the movie Saawariya in the year 2007, in which his co-actor was Sonam Kapoor. He is one of India’s most handsome men. Here in this article, we will discuss the detailed information regarding Ranbir Kapoor’s Net Worth, his income, his assets and many more other things.

Ranbir Kapoor Net Worth:

Ranbir Kapoor is the highest-paid actor and his net worth is $45 million which is estimated to be around 322 crores INR. He owns many assets such as luxury cars, sports cars, real estate properties and many other assets. He loves cars and has a glamorous collection of them. He earns his income through the movies in which he acts and also through the movies which he produces. He also earns through brand promotions. For the brands, he gets around 1-2 crore per brand due to immense fanbase around the country. His net worth grows by 15% over the last few years. He charges more than 7 crores for a movie. As per sources, Ranbir Kapoor’s monthly income through brands is more than 50 lakhs.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Net Worth:



Ranbir Kapoor


Actor, Producer
Net Worth


$45 million
Net Worth in INR


322 crores
Monthly Income


50 lakhs+
Annual Income


10 crores
Sources of Income


Movies, brand promotions

Net Worth Growth of Ranbir Kapoor:

Net Worth in the year 2018


$27 million
Net Worth in the year 2019


$30 million
Net Worth in the year 2020


$34 million
Net Worth in the year 2021


$42 million
Net Worth in the year 2022


$45 million

Ranbir Kapoor’s Career:

Ranbir Kapoor was born in the year 1982 on 28th September in Mumbai, Maharashtra. His parents are actors Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor. Ranbir Kapoor started his career in the year 2007 with the movie Saawariya. However, this movie did not do so good at the box office. Then, in the year 2008, he gave a super hit movie, Bachna Ae Haseeno. He started gathering stardom since that movie. Then he gave many other super hit movies. His recent blockbuster movie was Sanju, people loved his performance in this movie a lot. He is a multitalented actor who can fit into any role. He also has his own production house too. Ranbir Kapoor is a great dancer too and he has been seen performing and entertaining the audiences in many award shows. He has an immense fan following around the whole world.

Ranbir Kapoor’s house:

Ranbir Kapoor lives in Mumbai. He has a very expensive and glamourous house in Mumbai. The market value of his house is more than 16 crores INR. He also has many other real estate properties around the country.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Car Collection:

Ranbir Kapoor is fond of cars and has a big collection of them. He loves riding luxury cars. The worth of his cars is in Crores. He owns cars such as range rover, Audi, Mercedes and many other expensive cars. Here is a list of the cars that he owns.

Range Rover Vogue


1 crore
Audi R8


2 crores
Mercedes G63 AMG


1 crore
Audi A8L


1 crore
Range Rover Sport


90 lakhs

Ranbir Kapoor movies:

Ranbir Kapoor has been part of many blockbuster movies. He has won many best actor awards for his performances in the movies Rockstar, Barfi and more. He has been part of movies such as Saawariya, Rockstar, Anjana Anjani, Raajneeti, Wake up Sid, Yeh Jawani hai Deewani and many more other movies.

He has a very kind heart as he has always been seen donating to charity and many relief funds. In the year 2015, he gave 2000 raincoats to the Traffic Police in Mumbai for appreciating their efforts. He also gave some donations in April 2015 for the Nepal Earthquake victims. He is truly a legend, he impresses the audience not only by his acting skills but also by his kind heart.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Wiki:



Ranbir Kapoor
Real Name


Ranbir Raj Kapoor


Actor, Producer


38 years old


1.83 m, 183 cm, 6’
Eye colour


Dark Brown
Hair colour




Mumbai, Maharashtra
Zodiac Sign


College/ University


HR College of Commerce and Economics/ School of Visual Art, New York




To play football, travelling and loves watching movies


Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh


Riddhima Kapoor Sahani
Favourite cartoon


Tom and Jerry

Ranbir Kapoor’s wealth dependency:

Ranbir Kapoor is a megastar. He has millions of fans across the world. His wealth depends upon his popularity and on the fact how his movies work out at the box office. The more fame an actor has the more he can earn. Since the big brands love to hire someone who has a huge audience reach. However, Ranbir Kapoor has too much stardom and he is everyone’s favourite hence brands love to hire him as their brand ambassador. He endorses many popular brands such as Pepsi, lays and many other popular brands. He also owns many shares in real estate properties. He has luxury houses in expensive cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and many other cities. Apart from this, he is one of the highest-paid actors in the Bollywood Film Industry.

Facts about Ranbir Kapoor:

  • Ranbir Kapoor is the most qualified male from the Kapoor family, he holds a graduation degree from a university.
  • Ranbir Kapoor loves his mother a lot and he sticks to the diet plan that his mother makes.
  • He was passionate about dance and music since childhood.
  • His lucky number is 8.
  • He first started his career as an assistant director in the movie Prem Granth, which was released in the year 1996.
  • His actual name is Ranbir Raj Kapoor.
  • The first thing that Ranbir Kapoor got from his income was a luxury watch.
  • His favourite mobile game is Candy Crush and he is kind of addicted to it.
  • He can mimic Sanjay Dutt, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan.
  • He loves reading autobiographies and his favourite book is Heavier than Heaven, which is the autobiography of Kurt Cobain.
  • He is a great foodie and his favourite foods are Sushi, Vada Pav, Dosa, Bhindi and other foods.
  • He also loves playing football and his favourite football team and favourite player is Barcelona and Lionel Messi.

Frequently asked questions about Ranbir Kapoor and his net worth:

What is the total net worth of the actor, Ranbir Kapoor?

Ranbir Kapoor’s total net worth is estimated to be around $45 million which is equal to 322 crores of rupees INR.

What is the annual income that Ranbir Kapoor makes?

Ranbir Kapoor’s annual income is more than 10 crores of rupees.

How much Ranbir Kapoor makes in a month?

Ranbir Kapoor makes around 1-2 crores of rupees.

What is the actual age of the actor Ranbir Kapoor?

His actual age is 38 years old.

What is the date of birth of Ranbir Kapoor?

Ranbir Kapoor’s date of birth is 28th September 1982.

What is the real height of the actor Ranbir Kapoor?

Ranbir Kapoor’s real height is 1.81 m, 6’0”.

What is the real name of the actor Ranbir Kapoor?

Ranbir Kapoor’s real name is Ranbir Raj Kapoor.

What is the eye colour of the actor, Ranbir Kapoor?

The eye colour of Ranbir Kapoor is dark brown.

Which was the debut movie of the actor Ranbir Kapoor as an actor?

As an actor, his debut movie was Saawariya.

Is Ranbir Kapoor married?

No, Ranbir Kapoor is not married.

Who is the girlfriend of the actor Ranbir Kapoor?

His girlfriend is the actress Alia Bhatt.


Ranbir Kapoor is a great actor and he is also among the actors who are the highest-paid in the Bollywood Film Industry. His total net worth is around $45 million and it is around 322 crores INR. His annual income is more than 10 crores of rupees. He is a great actor and earns in crores through brand promotions. His major part of the income is through the movies, that he acts in and that he produces and from the brand endorsements. He is a brand ambassador for several popular brands. He has many investments in real estate properties too. He has huge earnings, a classy collection of cars and has many expensive assets.

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