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As the world of finance is rapidly evolving, powerful finance leaders need to constantly keep themselves ahead of the toughest business growth challenges and respond to the latest trends and market demands. Eric Anklesaria, on the top list of such thought leaders, is an inspiration for all young finance professionals by contributing distinctively to transforming the finance sector. Here, we’ll showcase to you the benchmarks that this great financial advisor has set through his effective presence in the finance field.

Leaders like Eric are known for their perseverance and forward-thinking. His contributions are amazing in the Indian finance sector and he acquired immense experience across diverse portfolios. He has been serving in the finance sector for more than 20 years and throughout his career, he has successfully implemented and designed numerous strategies.

Through his strategic thinking and passion to create a splash in the business world, he has highlighted the impact of strong leadership in every vertical of business. He has been a frontrunner in the finance space and has been consistently providing best-in-class financial services through his endeavour. Under his magnificent financial services guidance, numerous organizations have achieved outstanding business goals and become able to offer personalized and tailored solutions to their clients.

latest news on Eric Jimmy Anklesaria

Through his ability to deliver market-leading business results, Eric jimmy Anklesaria 44-year-old finance leader has registered unforgettable achievements in fields like core banking transformations, CRM strategy, payments advisory, risk and finance advisory, large-scale post-merger integrations, data warehousing & analytics, solutions design, digital strategy and transformation, program management, IT strategy definition and much more. Eric believes that a dream never turns into reality through magic and it takes passion, determination and hard work to fulfil it. He implemented the same throughout his career to become a successful financial advisor.

Being a source of inspiration for up-coming leaders, he looked to utilize the best of every opportunity he got. Lots of challenges were there during the beginning of his journey as a finance professional but according to Eric Anklesaria News,

he took challenges as an opportunity to break traditional barriers. In 2000, he got his very first opportunity to enter the finance world when he joined Ernst & Young as a Management Trainee. You can get an idea about how determined and passionate he was to highlight his abilities that he continued there for 10 years until he was promoted to Partner in the financial services of the company. This was the turning phase of his career as by implementing his excellent skills and out-of-the-box finance strategies, he has garnered more than 90% share of all Public Sector Banks for the company for IT consulting engagements.

Being a doyen in the field of finance, Eric always aspired to create a difference in the finance world and deliver innovative financial services to build trust among his clients. He has been active in the finance space for over two decades now, but his hunger to contribute is as unstoppable as ever. The very best financial advisor is known for defining and implementing CRM technology strategy and rollout for the largest Indian Public Sector Bank. This achievement by Eric is still recognized as one of the largest implementations across the globe in the finance world.

Moreover, the young and very talented finance professional has been also involved in the successful implementation of risk and finance transformation for 9 global and 7 domestic banks in India. The engagements involved the implementation of OFSSA and Moody’s Asset Liability Management which helped our banking system to centralize and effectively manage risk, capital and finance functions. Apart from that, through this operational leadership and incredible ability to resolve complex and multiple finance issues, he also led and managed the setup and operationalization of the Indian domestic payment scheme RuPay.

It was launched with multiple options like mag stripe, pin, EMV, Biometrics, contactless etc. Recently, the outstanding thought leader has successfully conceptualized the strategy and design for the country’s largest direct benefit transfer (DBT) platform for the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

The product is currently catering to both Indian and global markets and it handles more than 2.4 crore women beneficiaries. The certified consumer banker is a post-graduate in Business Management and has also acquired a professional certification in Strategic Management of Information Systems from IIM Ahmadabad.

Eric Jimmy Anklesaria has always been passionate about the finance sector and has given his fruitful contribution to various organizations and clients. Eric remains extremely focused on his vision and aggressive in execution. He always remains positive about overcoming challenges and creating new opportunities for growth. Professionals like Eric develop a transformational leadership style that creates positive change and growth.


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