Real Estate Video Marketing: A Complete Guide for 2023

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The traditional method of buying and selling properties has always been a lot complicated and time-consuming. From scanning through hundreds of listings to studying the details, comparing real estate to one another, and finally, deciding which property to buy, it takes much time and thought to get to the final decision.Using flyers, business cards, and signs over windows is no longer an effective method of advertising the property. The real estate industry has changed with the internet and real estate video marketing.One can win more real estate listings by using video marketing for realtors and getting more inquiries on their properties. The following are some statistics when it comes to video marketing in real estate:

  • There is a 403% increase in inquiries when listings include videos.
  • A real estate agent who uses video is more likely to get the listing from homeowners, according to 73%.
  • Research on homes is done primarily on YouTube, with 51% of home shoppers choosing it as their number one source.
  • An advertising campaign on Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr led to a 20% increase in home sales for modern times.

This blog will expand on the insights about these statistics and will look at some of the top methods to use digital marketing for real estate in India.

7 Essential Tips to Succeed with Real Estate Video Marketing

1.  Understanding the Video Types 

Property video marketing is a critical component of real estate professionals’ marketing strategies, and there are five introductory videos to make in this regard. Let’s take a look at the different types of videos to use for real estate video marketing campaigns;

  • Explainers for Real Estate Video Marketing

Explainer videos present a particular agency’s services or products to the customers, hoping to increase their chances of conversing and selling property-related deals. Typically, the duration of the explainers remains around 60 seconds to 90 seconds, in which real estate agents present their products mainly with the help of animation.A well-crafted explainer video allows a business to stand out as a trusted expert and differentiate itself from the competition. 94% of marketers have admitted that real estate explainers have helped the audience understand their product or service in a better way. Create short, crisp text to get people to put over the imagery to bring in the necessary effect.

  • Real Estate Property Listing Video

Property listings probably already include photos. However, it would be best to have a short description with each image or video clip to emphasize the critical points of the product. 

  • Property Video Marketing with Facebook and Instagram Stories

Publish vertical listings on Facebook and Instagram stories. It is an effective marketing tool and can be done in minutes.

  • Testimonial Videos for Video Marketing for Realtors

Testimonials are a great way to boost your business as they build confidence in the hearts of aspiring buyers. Testimonials help in building trust and credibility within your audience. When your previous clients speak from their heart about what they loved about the project, it builds upon an impact on the audience watching the video. You will find yourself to be more credible than ever and generate more business in the process.

  • Tour Videos of Properties

Multiple properties can be challenging for renters or buyers to visit during the search process. To schedule a virtual tour, interested parties can begin by watching an overview video, which provides a sense of the amenities, property, and neighbourhood.

2.  Analyze the Audience

The ideal buyer and target audience should also be thoroughly analyzed. One can create video content that speaks to the target audience more quickly if they know whom they want to sell to. For example, for a realtor who sells family homes, creating videos to show rich people living in luxurious homes with lavish interiors would be inappropriate since they are trying to sell to people who cannot afford elegant homes or luxurious interiors. Effective digital marketing for real estate in India requires knowing the unique selling point and the target audience’s needs. 

3.  Ready Your Script

The beginning of any good piece of content is a plan. Real estate video marketing needs a script to give them structure and direction. To write a compelling video script, HubSpot suggests following these steps:

  • First, a brief.
  • Write an outline based on your brief.
  • The script should begin with an introduction of the realtor
  • Write the script section by section. 
  • Make sure the script helps you build a story, which will help you connect with aspiring buyers. Focus on bringing out a relatability factor that aspiring buyers will notice while watching your video. Real estate, as a product, is not unique. What makes your product unique is a moving story. Make sure that the story introduces you as an authority in the industry and a person who they can trust and rely on.
  • In the main narrative, include proper callouts for any extra footage of your video.
  • Don’t be long-winded.
  • Off-camera, read the script aloud.

4.  Record High-Quality Content

Nowadays, anyone can shoot excellent video content – even without expensive or professional video equipment. It’s better to hold the phone vertically or horizontally when taking photos, depending on the platform of your preference. One just needs to make sure that the quality is up to the mark and conveys the core aspects of the property clearly. 

5.  Showcase Your USPs

For viewers to consider a realtor as a credible expert in the field, one needs to relate to them and build relationships with them. Create unique videos that showcase your advantage over the competitors. This can include:

  • Your architecture, whether it is Greek, Colonial, European, etc.
  • The carpet area of your home
  • The amenities offered
  • The total area of the project and much more

6.  Sell Aspirations/Lifestyle

The real estate industry knows that people buy homes, not just houses. The definition of a home goes beyond the physical structure to the neighborhood and lifestyle it entails. In video marketing for real estate agents, people enjoying life should always be featured. The footage that is captured can be reused in the future for several videos on the same properties or homes in that area by getting a few testimonials from locals.

7.  Keep Everything Concise and to the Point

The attention span of the average person is rapidly decreasing. Therefore, one must create a short, engaging, and enticing video regarding digital marketing for real estate in India in 2022-2023. To avoid losing viewers and potential clients before the video ends, the videos are generally recommended to be one to five minutes long. As a result, one will have to sort through the information and decide which is vital and what can be discarded.


By showing off the listings to a broad audience in a video, one can generate more leads, engage their audience, and create more business for their business.Adapting to the world of video marketing for realtors is increasingly crucial in a time of global pandemics and increasing digitalization. There are plenty of opportunities to showcase the business and videos, so it’s best to take advantage of them.Brainstorming ideas for video content that reflects the real estate company’s general approach and vision should be the first step. One must choose the best promotional channel once they’ve created the video. Taking the first step is the essential part when it comes to real estate marketing in 2023.

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