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Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to organize information, identify patterns, derive correlations, and draw conclusions about results. Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable scientists to perform large-scale data analysis and quickly browse through repositories of big data. Advanced technology and automation are essential, but organizations still need trained data analysts to organize and interpret data for humans.

Perhaps the most important trend, however, is that despite constant progress, the need for human capital remains crucial. Data analytics jobs are skyrocketing and the reasons to become a data analyst are increasing. 

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Acquire in-demand skills

Those pursuing careers in data analytics acquire the right, in-demand skills that span all industries and add value to every digital organization. Key technical skills required by data analysts include math, programming, analytical tools (SQL, Spark, and Hoop), machine learning, data visualization, data management, and sensitivity sharp in business.

Since the most important technical skill for a data analyst is math, many professionals pursuing a career in data analysis begin with earning a Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics. An advanced degree in statistics teaches students everything from advanced programming and technology to communication and leadership skills. Data analysts are lifelong learners and often transition into careers as senior data analysts, data scientists, or consultants.

Expect a positive job outlook

In addition to earning above-average salaries, data analysts can expect many career opportunities working in a thriving industry. The data analytics market is expected to reach $132.90 billion by 2026 and studies show that the COVID-19 pandemic has driven the adoption of data analytics solutions and services. 

Earn a higher salary

As of 2021, data analysts earn about 26% more than the national average. Experienced data analysts can earn up to $87,000 per year and move into higher paying jobs as senior data analysts, data scientists or manager’s analytical reasoning.

Become a leader

Collaboration is an essential part of being a successful data analyst. Data analysts must understand how to work well with others and communicate complex findings to team members, business leaders, and stakeholders to turn the insights into action. . Data analysts with work experience, professional certifications, and advanced degrees can be promoted to data managers. Instead of analyzing data, the data custodian is responsible for developing operational standards, overseeing the adoption of new technology, managing analysts, and evaluating performance.

Shaping the future

Data analysts can transform organizations and solve critical real-world problems. During the COVID-19 pandemic, data analytics is crucial for organizations. Leaders have adopted data analytics to help manage change.

A good data analyst, like a good data scientist, understands that the end result of their analysis will be useful only to the extent of the data used to generate it. A data analyst analyzes existing data to identify trends, interpret patterns, and tell a story about information. Data analysts often use visualizations to present their findings to internal and external teams and turn the numbers into actionable steps to improve their business strategy and one should explore jobs in this field and even there are many data analyst jobs for freshers.

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