Reasons why you should promote/ promote your open journal?

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Before delving straight into the need to promote or promote your open journal, let’s briefly know about the OJS.

Open Journal Systems (OJS), being an open-source (free to use) software, has made it easier to publish scholarly journals online. So educational institutes, research institutes, and academic professionals worldwide can seamlessly curate benefits from this open journal publishing technology. To get an open journal system, you must sign up with an OJS development company. The company can help you customize the OJS theme according to your niche and preferences. Hence, you can not only get a journal ready to publish but also other assistance.

Though OJS is an end-to-end journal publishing and management system, you need more than that to interact with the online world. Websites, webpages, and e-stores are maximising their ROI with marketing. You can follow the same pattern as them. Yes, we are implying promoting the journal. So as to let people know that your journal exists. In fact, not only make it known but also make them associate with it. However, if you still aren’t sure why to do so, read through the end.

Benefits to Promote your open journal

The Quickest Way to Reach a Wider Readership 

The internet and hence the associated channels have created scads of choices for the people, especially the readers. Be it, scholars or general readers, everyone tries to land on the individual articles relevant to their query or research whenever.  

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Also, needless to say, there will be many scholars that don’t know your journal exists. Promoting your journal will streamline your access to all of them whenever they conduct research. Also, to those who already know about you, however, they don’t visit your website/ journal straight, you can grab their interest.

So you can try promoting your journal to be in line with the academic indexes and scholarly search engines. In turn, you can increase your journal awareness and discoverability.

By doing so, you can quickly make your own scholarly network with a vast number of readers. Here using this network, you can not only keep them updated but also retain them.

Easy Way to Attract Submissions and Reviewers

With marketing or promotion of the journal, you can be in the sight of the new potential authors alongside the readership.

In simple words, your promotion will make your journal clickable for several articles or a particular research niche. So authors (new and veteran) can easily find your journal for similar topics relevant to them. Also, it will help spread your word for submission for your publications. Eventually, make them think about their compliance with your publication platform. The same can help with the peer reviewers. Finally, you can catch sight of early-career and professional reviewers for your scholarly publishing.

Professional reviewers are already the experts. However, the novices are always on the lookout to grab the reviewing experience opportunities. Your publication platform will be like hitting the jackpot for them.

Have the Edge Over your Competitors 

As a matter of fact, several online journal publishers reside on the internet. So authors and reviewers have the options to choose you or your competition. So why should they prefer you over the other journal/ publisher?

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Looking at the other side, every scholar or author wants to be in the light. So when they observe you promoting the articles and boosting their discoverability, it will seem like an added benefit. For instance, submissions with you will let them earn more visibility, broad readership, online authority, and more. So be it the new or veteran authors. They will undoubtedly be excited about entrusting you with their next submission.

So you can be one or two steps ahead of your competitor publications in providing value to the authors, from easy submission to online engagement.

Contribution and Collaboration with Scholarly Societies

Remember, promotion isn’t restricted to making your journal visible on academic indexes and scholarly search engines. Instead, when you promote your open journal, you take a step towards availing yourself of the benefits of other channels, such as advertising and social media. So you can let your content pieces and articles play their role in the scholarly community. You can share and engage with scholars and publication organizations in and outside your journal’s field. In addition, you can contribute to the journal programs organized by scholarly societies and draw on new opportunities for the journal content. 

While promoting your journal, if you want your OJS theme to be more pertinent to your author audience and reader base, it is best to personalize it more.

Bottom Line!

Indeed, online marketing and advertising are the top trends in interacting with the digital world and the audience. However, when it comes to journals, traditional digital marketing goes out of commission. That means you need a strategic approach to promote or promote your open journal.  

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However, if you are interested in having your own journal but are yet to start and also thinking about using the marketing. Then start with the development and customization, followed by marketing.

Navicosoft offers OJS development with a variety of modern, classic, and custom themes to immediately get started with the OJS journals. In addition, it is readily available for any type of OJS fixes in case any problems occur on the journal site. Also, you can avail of the marketing for your journal.



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