Recover unsaved Word documents with 100% success

Recover unsaved Word documents with 100% success
Recover unsaved Word documents with 100% success
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One of the most frequent causes of data loss, aside from system or software failures, is unintentional deletion. You might accidentally delete A document when you meant to delete B, or you might wish you hadn’t deleted the document in the first place after a few days. Not to worry!

You will also need a data recovery tool like iTop Data recovery to help you recover deleted files if, unfortunately, they have also been permanently deleted from the Recycle Bin, and you cannot recover them from there.

Recover Any Unsaved Documents

Another scenario in which you must remember to save your document is a crash of the Windows operating system. Your Windows computer may unintentionally freeze while running some programs, abruptly shut down, and restart. You won’t have a chance to work or save your work during this time.

Can unsaved Word documents be recovered in this situation? Yes. After an operating system crash, you have the chance to recover any unsaved documents.

How To Recover Unsaved Documents Using Itop Data Recovery

The most practical and straightforward method to recuperar un documento de Word no guardado is to use data recovery software, which only requires a few easy clicks and no problematic steps. The finest data recovery tool is iTop Data Recovery, which was created especially for recovering data after a system crash, software that isn’t responding, a corrupted hard drive, an accidental deletion, etc. iTop Data Recovery can quickly recover files even after they have been permanently deleted from the Recycle Bin and has an exceptional success rate for data recovery.

Why not use iTop Data Recovery to get your document indeed back within minutes instead of searching for how to recover unsaved word documents and needing clarification among the countless options that all claim also to be able to help you restore lost data but are impractical?

Learn how to use iTop Data Recovery on Windows 11/10/8/7 to recover accidentally deleted documents:

  • Step 1: Download and run the installation wizard to install iTop Data Recovery on your computer or laptop.
  • Step 2: Run the specified data recovery software and select the “Scan” option on the home screen.
  • Step 3: Choose “Documents” from the sidebar to filter lost document file types, where you might be able to see the unsaved document.
  • Step 4: To recover the files, check the box next to them and select “Recover” from the menu.

Not only can your word file be retrieved by iTop Data Recovery, your video file, games, and other items.


You also have many options when it comes to recovering unsaved word documents. The Microsoft team has streamlined data recovery after unforeseen issues as much as possible. You can choose the best tutorial from this post and get them back according to your situation. Unavoidably, there is still a chance of losing crucial documents. ITop Data Recovery is the best software also to recover deleted or lost documents in cases of lost unsaved documents and accidental file deletion. With iTop Data Recovery installed on your Windows computer, you can accomplish more with less in terms of preventing data loss, especially if you can create frequent backups.

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