Regular Checkup: Why is it more important?

I am a healthy person! That is how my friends know me and keep telling me that I always take care of myself. Actually, they are right, I like to stay fit, healthy, and disease free! I try as possible as I can to keep a healthy lifestyle, I follow a balanced diet, and do sport a lot.

And the important part for me is the regular check-up I always have with my doctor at Novomed Centers in Abu Dhabi. I go visit my doctor every 6 months for a full check-up just to make sure that I am not suffering from any disease or illness or health issue.

It all started when I was 18 years old, and suffered from some gastro disease which led to constipation, and this bothered me a lot. I felt like I am bloating and had acute pain in my stomach. So I went to see the doctor at Novomed Centers, and told him about my symptoms, he required some medical tests, and when he checked the results, he told me that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which requires a commitment to the treatment, first to remove all the symptoms including bloating, and second to prevent any complications in the future.

He gave me the suitable treatment and asked me to check with a dietitian to have a healthy diet that is suitable for my case.

Since then, I go to visit the doctor every 3 months for a regular check-up, and during my health check-up in Dubai, the doctor asks for the medical tests, compares the results with the previous ones, and analyzes them. Then he explains to me what is the difference and if I have anything to worry about, he tells me and explains to me what should be done.

I am glad to have such a doctor close to me, so I can call him anytime I want, and check with him about what is best for me, and most importantly, I trust him. That is important, because if you don’t trust your doctor, you will not be able to talk to him honestly, and you will always doubt his words.

I am a healthy person thanks to my doctor!

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