Can You Remodel A Bathroom On A Weekend

Bathroom remodel
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You want to remodel your bathroom. But you don’t know how much time will be required for it. On a hectic busy day, you find it impossible to work on your Bathroom Remodelling. Well, you can remodel your bathroom on the last days of the week. Come up with comprehensive plans to remodel your bathroom. Measure the size and layout of your bathroom. Because a small-size bathroom takes less time than a large-size bathroom. Note down things that you need to change and install in your bathroom. With every little detail, your work will be easy. Prioritise things that you need to complete this week or next week.

Things That Take Less Time

When you start remodelling your bathroom, come up with a plan. Point out things according to the time that they need for their completion. Little things take less time like decoration and replacement of bathroom equipment. 

  • Decorating the bathroom will take one day or maybe half a day. With decoration, you can also remodel your bathroom. 
  • Replacement of small things like taps, faucets, buckets, and other little things. Similarly, refinishing old things in a way that they look new.

What Things Take More Time?

Bathroom remodelling takes almost two to three weeks if you do it on a weekend basis. However, if you have knowledge about what things take a long time or what not. You can easily do things in less time. In bathroom remodelling, these things will take more time.

  • Bathroom Radiators installation may take 1 week because of your custom design.
  • Plumbing may take four to five days if you do it in a new way. Similarly, plumbing on a few things will take less time.
  • Electrical wiring may take more than two days.
  • Tiling installation will absolutely require one or three weeks. Because tilers first peel off the old tiles from your bathroom. Then installing new tiles is technical work that can not be done in a hurry.
  • Floors renovation of your bathroom time varies. For example, if you want to only polish your floors, it will take one day. In addition, installing new floors may take more time.
  • Demolition of things from the bathroom will take more time. 
  • The whole bathroom remodelling will take a month. From plumbing to floor renovation, things can not be done in days.

However, you can do all the above things on the weekend. Note down all those required things that you need in your bathroom. After that number wise on a weekend do things. First do plumbing and electrical work in your bathroom. Second, install toilets and bathtubs. Third, do install tiles on bathroom walls. Change small things like taps, faucets, and other small things. After that, do floor renovation in the bathroom. Finally, give a finishing touch to the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Services

Doing a remodelling of the bathroom yourself may save your cash, but it will take a long time. That’s why hire the professionals who can do it in less time within the budget. In this regard, seek bathroom renovation services in your locality. For your bathroom remodelling, hiring professionals  are a good choice. 


If you don’t get free time on your busy day to remodel your bathroom. Then do it on weekends. Divide your work and make a good strategy to finish it in less time. With a comprehensive plan, you can easily estimate the time of everything. For example, there are some things that require a long time for work like plumbing, electrical wiring, demolition, and installation of new tiles. Similarly, small things like decoration, renovation, and replacement of taps, faucets, etc will take less time. In short, one can do bathroom remodelling on a weekend.

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