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“Study Canada” is not only the preference of young people, but also of their parents. Currently, parents are more ecstatic about their children attending a prestigious university or college in Canada. A plethora of study programmes in every discipline aid students in obtaining a great education and provide access to countless well-paying employment prospects. Due to a number of doubts, it is difficult for students to decide whether to pursue further education after completing their undergraduate education. With us, you will find all the answers to your concerned questions.

In this article, we have selected a number of frequently asked questions and provided the corresponding answers. Whether you have questions about study courses, top colleges, accommodations in Canada, or anything else, we have compiled all relevant information to assist you in making the right choice. If you have a question that is not addressed in this post, however, you can contact the best Canada visa consultant in Jalandhar.

Here are the most appropriate answers to the questions students asked probably:

Which course of study should be pursued in Canada?

We cannot recommend a single study programme because it is essential to select a programme that aligns with your interests, educational background, and financial situation. Some students follow their peers and choose a course that has nothing to do with their interests. Do you believe enrolling in a study programme that is diametrically opposed to your passion will help you attain your objective? Clearly not! Create a list of courses that align with your interests, conduct extensive research, and choose the best.

Do Canadian colleges exclusively accept IELTS scores?

This is not the case. In addition to IELTS, Canadian colleges accept the TOEFL, CAEL, PTE, and CELPIP exams. You are free to take whatever examination you choose.

Is it possible to work while studying in Canada?

Yes, you will have the golden opportunity to work in Canada while pursuing your education. The government of Canada permits international students to work part-time during ongoing sessions. Students may work full-time while Summer and winter vacations. Thus, international students are able to support themselves and pay their tuition, rent, travel costs, and other household needs.

What are the top universities present in Canada?

Each university and college in Canada is the greatest in its own manner and provides an education of the highest calibre. Nonetheless, we have compiled a list of the top five universities that have been ranked and are included on the 2022 list of the world’s greatest universities:

  • Toronto’s University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • British Columbia’s university.
  • Université de l’Alberta
  • McMaster University

The tuition at these universities may be somewhat pricey. If you lack the financial resources to enrol in these universities, you can also choose from among Canada’s finest colleges. Ensure you enrol in the institution that provides the best education for the programme you are pursuing.

List of all required papers who are to apply for study visa:

To guarantee that everything goes properly with your student visa, you must handle your paperwork with care. If you are missing any required documents, you may be unable to pursue your ambition of studying in Canada. Here is a list of essential documents that you must organise systematically before submitting:

  • A letter of offer from an accredited institution in Canada.
  • A valid passport (if it is expired, make sure to renew it)
  • Evidence of financial resources
  • A well-written SOP that demonstrates your goal for studying in Canada and intend to return to your home country upon programme completion.
  • Evidence of a clean criminal history

Do Canadian institutions offer overseas students scholarships?

Yes, Canadian institutions offer international students a variety of scholarship programmes. It depends entirely on the grades and marks you earned in your previous studies. Occasionally, it can vary between universities. Consult with the most best immigration consultants in Jalandhar in order to obtain accurate information regarding the Canadian institution’s scholarship programme and eligibility requirements.

If you still have many questions, it is advisable to seek guidance from a study visa counsellor. Staff with extensive knowledge can assist you clear up any of your questions so that you can make an informed decision.

Hardeep Singh

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