Responsibilities and skills of PHP programmer

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The programming language of Hypertext Preprocessor is regularly improved, making it one of the most popular in the development of websites and web applications. Many seek to learn how to become a PHP programmer to independently develop projects of different scales. In the article you will find detailed review of responsibilities and skills necessary to achive success as a PHP programmer.

How to master the profession of PHP programmer

In higher education institutions there is no a separate discipline focused on PHP, but there are technical areas. The most suitable specialities are: «Software engineering», «Applied informatics», «Informatics and computer sciences», and «Computer engineering and software».

Despite the value of higher education, the curriculum is stretched over time. Trends in web programming are changing rapidly, making it impossible for students to gain actual knowledge.

Alternatively, consider online PHP programming courses that focus on the specific tools needed to create websites and web applications on Hypertext Preprocessor.

What PHP programmer does

The main task of a PHP programmer is to use the programming language Hypertext Preprocessor to create websites and web applications, modules and scripts. The latter can be created separately to perform a specific function, for example, an online chat with support.

Responsibilities of PHP Developer:

·         development of a whole resource, separate pages and modules;

·         testing of the created product;

·         detection and correction of all errors and bugs;

·         technical support of the created site;

·         implementation of complex works on resource optimization;

·         integration of the web resource with external and internal systems;

·         technical documentation and reporting;

·         assign tasks and monitor their completion to all team members.

PHP programmers often work in teams, performing some of the above tasks. They are also in demand for freelance, as they can develop and run the site from scratch, regularly fix bugs and bugs, and carry out optimization work.

What skills PHP programmer needs

The profession of PHP developer is suitable for enthusiastic people who can spend hours dismantling other people’s web resources, testing their projects, and searching and fixing bugs. You will need the ability to work in multitasking mode, and quickly perform the tasks. Skills of PHP programmer:

·         programming basics and features of the language Hypertext Preprocessor (version 5.0 and above);

·         basics of HTML/CCS;

·         basic principles of JavaScript programming language;

·         possession of several frameworks, such as Laravel, Codeigniter and Symfony;

·         knowledge of the features of the work of popular content management systems, in particular, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal;

·         knowledge of various database management systems, in particular, MySQL and PostgreSQL;

·         familiarity with Unix or Linux multitasking operating systems, as they usually run hosting servers created using Hypertext Preprocessor;

·         code testing and debugging.


PHP developer is a promising profession in the field of IT because the programming language is constantly improving, used to create websites and web applications. It is much simpler than Python, C++, and Ruby, and the Internet has a lot of useful materials in English, allowing you to learn to program from scratch.

Ali Hyder

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