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One of the best tools for showing your work is a portfolio, and building one in WordPress has never been easier. It is the home of numerous portfolio plugins that can assist you in creating a portfolio quickly. It’s usually as simple as uploading your content and choosing a layout.

I’ll talk about the top portfolio plugins today for 2023.

Why Build A Portfolio?

A portfolio serves as a résumé for various employment and is a collection of your professional work. Today, having one is often a requirement, and the internet has altered how they are created.

They used to be collected in a sort of book to display to potential employers. Today, though, all it takes to find them is a Google search. Because of this, a lot of independent contractors have websites where they host their online portfolios.

You require particular tools for this, such as portfolio plugins.

A portfolio plugin WordPress is typically just a gallery plugin with a new name. You simply need to present your work in an appealing manner. You can modify the layout (grid, masonry, etc.), the number of rows and columns, and many other visual tools with these plugins.

It must seem excellent if professionals want to use it to attract customers. Online, there is no shortage of talented artists, and they all have access to a portfolio tool. Build a fantastic one if you want yours to stand out from the crowd.

The Best Portfolio Plugins

1. WP Portfolio

The WordPress plugin WP Portfolio might be the best one specifically designed for portfolios. It specializes in assisting users in quickly and effectively creating any form of a portfolio (picture, video, or even website).

It would be an understatement to suggest that it is a comprehensive portfolio solution.

It is crucial to emphasize that this is a high-end instrument. However, given the features it offers, the price is more than justified. The Astra theme, one of the better ones available, is also from the same development team.

The fact that this plugin offers a variety of starting points is by far its greatest advantage. Therefore, your portfolio is ready to use once you simply add your material to the templates. Utilizing it is quick and simple.

2. Elementor’s Post Grid, Image Gallery, and Portfolio

You could already be using Elementor to design unique pages for WordPress, but you don’t have to. You may add complete Elementor portfolio plugin functionality with the Post Grid, Image Gallery & Portfolio for Elementor plugin.

You have access to a wide range of Elementor add-ons, including this one.

The Elementor editor now has a number of widgets that you can use to add galleries for your portfolio thanks to this plugin. Drag and drop is a common method for customizing Elementor’s functionality, including picture positioning.

This gives building a portfolio a fresh perspective that many specialized gallery plugins lack. You can also categorize your portfolios to make it easier for clients to find a certain piece of work. If you provide a lot of services, this is fantastic.

3. Portfolio Gallery

One of the best free portfolio options for WordPress is Portfolio Gallery. It offers a tonne of customization, performs everything you need, is totally responsive, and makes everything you build compatible with mobile devices.

There is a Pro edition with even more customizing possibilities, though the free version will generally be enough.

The lightbox is one of the key components. Visitors can now click a picture to only view it in a gallery. This is quite stylish and allows them to view the finer details of each job in the portfolio.

This WordPress gallery goes above and above with the plugin by using masonry. For those who are not familiar, masonry is a grid pattern in which the picture heights can vary, which can make it more appealing than a fixed grid style.

4. Envira Gallery

Many people believe that Envira Gallery is the greatest gallery plugin for WordPress. There is a “lite” version of this utility that is very flexible. However, if you’re serious about building a portfolio, the premium plugin might be worthwhile.

Compared to the majority of the plugins on our list, it offers more customization options.

With its Album function, Envira Gallery makes it simple to construct portfolios. In essence, these are specialized galleries that aid users in finding what they require. This makes it simple to browse through your material and offer the right work samples to consumers.

You could, for instance, have an album with only logo designs and another with only photographs. If you collaborate with a partner or suggest other artists, you might even have ones that are devoted to different artists.

5. NextGEN Gallery

With over 700,000 active installs, NextGEN Gallery is a fantastic free gallery plugin that is incredibly popular. Additionally, as it is a photography plugin created by photographers, as stated in the description, you can anticipate a lot of details not seen in other programs.

It has a tonne of features, as you might anticipate from such a widely used plugin.

There are three options available in the plugin’s free version: thumbnails, slideshows, and picture browser galleries. Much more customization options as well as extras like eCommerce support and lightboxes are added in the premium edition.

The most crucial benefit for novices is that you have access to their support staff.

You may use this plugin in conjunction with WooCommerce to receive commission payments via PayPal and Stripe. Be advised that there are transaction fees for each platform.

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