RH Contractor Westchester NY’s World-Class Masonry Installation Westchester NY Work

RH Contractor Westchester NY’s World-Class Masonry Installation Westchester NY Work
RH Contractor Westchester NY’s World-Class Masonry Installation Westchester NY Work
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Any permanent structure built for your landscape is referred to as a hardscape. They are intended to improve the functionality, usability, outdoor living space, and long-term attractiveness of your property. RH Contractor Westchester NY’s Masonry Installation Westchester NY, works with a range of materials to change your property. We can build retaining walls, sitting walls, walks, paths, patios, fire pits, and outdoor steps, among other things. For a more formal atmosphere, we use the crisp, consistent shape of stones cut by our expert stone masons. When you want a “sculpted by nature” look, we also use uncut stones. Most importantly, we aim to improve our trade every day we work, and our involvement in several professional organizations demonstrates our dedication to growth. Call us now for a free hardscape design and masonry construction estimate.

We Provide Several Masonry Construction Types.

We’re proud of our ability to work with stone, rock, and brick. Masonry Contractors Westchester, NY is a difficult technique to master, but we’re glad to claim we’ve mastered the art of enhancing the aesthetic of our clients’ yards and lawns.

We mostly work with three types of masonry:

• Brick: Brick is a fantastic alternative for retaining walls or ornamental mailboxes. It gives property owners a timeless design that will never go out of style or appear outmoded. More importantly, we understand how to construct stable brick structures using brick-in-mud or brick-in-cement construction.

• Stone: We are the exception to the rule when it comes to high-quality stonemasonry. Our masonry builders understand how to harness the power of natural stone to create stunning and rustic hardscapes. Stone is a long-lasting building material; simply look at the ancient constructions of the past. We are honored to carry on that history in Westchester County.

• Concrete: Concrete is a durable, easy-to-install, cost-effective, and fire-resistant building material that is ideal for hardscapes on both residential and commercial sites. Our masons understand how to deal with concrete and achieve the best aesthetic outcomes.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Masonry Contractors Westchester NY

Masonry traditions have been handed down through the ages. We are passionate about our trade and want to share what we’ve learned with you. Working with qualified and professional stonemasons has several advantages. For example, we exclusively work with tried-and-true materials. Our stone and brick projects are entirely natural, and we use only the best concrete on all of our job sites. We understand how to build installations that are resistant to weather, mold, and decay. And our crew has the knowledge to know how to construct strong structures that can resist storms and the passage of time. Our work will only get better with each passing year!

Our Outstanding Masonry Portfolio

Believing is seeing! We’ve chronicled the projects we’re most proud of throughout the years. Our portfolio not only illustrates our devotion to excellence but also demonstrates our versatility. Our masons can construct anything out of stone, brick, and concrete. They operate with the dexterity of expert artisans and the imagination of artists.

We’ve constructed the following—and much more—for our clients in the past:

Patios using flagstone: For a multitude of reasons, flagstone is an excellent patio surface. They have a rustic, ageless aesthetic, but they also serve a number of useful purposes. For example, they are long-lasting and porous and allow for natural, attractive moss or grass growth between the stones.

• Flagstone Walkways: Imagine a walkway leading to your front door with magnificent stones inlaid against a backdrop of vivid green grass. Because flagstone encourages grass and moss growth between the stones, a grass and stone walkway can be created.

• Custom Outdoor Kitchens and Grills: An outdoor kitchen is the finest way to elevate your backyard game in the summer. While your guests relax by the fire pit, you can hold the court over a built-in gas grill or smoker. Outdoor kitchens are completely integrated and need the assistance of our experienced masons.

• Natural Stone Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits: Why not invest in a natural stone outdoor fireplace or firepit? Not only will it increase the market value of your property, but it will also allow you to make better use of your outside spaces during the fall and winter months.

• Drylaid Stone Walls: Drylaid walls, which are common in New England, do not employ cement joints or mud. Instead, our masons painstakingly stack each stone to create a classic and eye-catching look for the wall. You may put one in any outdoor space to decorate it.

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