What is the Role of Site Preparation in Construction Estimates

Site Preparation
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Everyone in the construction business wants to do a fine construction job. And that’s exactly what every project owner wants from their contractors. Therefore, both the contractor and the project owner depend on the construction cost estimation. A contractor does so before bidding for a project. On the other hand, a project owner requires this to win the lowest bid for the project. Anyhow, there is a point that all of us usually neglect at this phase of sitework construction estimates.

You might be thinking of what sitework preparation is and how it influences our construction cost estimation. Stay with us, we will be discussing all these things in this article.

What is Sitework Preparation?

As we know construction businesses are concerned with making low to high-rise buildings for local to commercial projects. Meanwhile, the construction is done on a specific patch of land. The earth’s surface has different compositions and qualities, so the land-related factors differ from place to place. That’s why we require sitework preparation before initiating any construction project. The sitework estimating services are a part of construction estimates that roughly involve the details about the essential work to perform.

Some Sitework Preparatory Activities Must Consider Here

The sitework preparation entails several steps. These steps may vary from land type to type but purposefully prepare the chosen site for development by dealing with any possible contingencies. Let’s have a look at some sitework preparatory activities for accurate sitework estimates.

  1. Check Out the Soil State

This is the first and foremost step in sitework construction estimates. It lays the foundation for other mandatory processes. Skillful engineers and estimators collectively collaborate and check the soil qualities and conditions. They make a geotechnical report by completing their analysis. This report then guides the contractors in the determination of the foundation type necessary for construction projects.

  1. Land Evacuation

Usually, the construction building heights are not the same in commercial, local, and public construction projects. The building’s height decides the depth of the foundation base. So, after the structure’s plan is precisely determined, the excavation process may start. At this point, we dig up the ground and remove soil to make a way for the proposed construction. The soil type, site characteristics, available space, etc. all have a significant role in the sort of equipment employed.

Hence, a sitework construction takeoff list covers the digging needs for land evacuation. Perhaps, it could call for heavy machinery. Among the equipment frequently employed in this phase are; Skid steer, Dump trucks, Excavators, Loaders, etc.

  1. Site Compaction

As per International Building Code, the sitework includes site foundation to be compacted to a specified density. Otherwise, your project has to bear bad consequences in the form of cracks in the building. Therefore, construction cost estimation has sitework estimating services. That roughly gives construction estimates for this job.

  1. Land Clearance and Grubbing

The process is for unattended patches of land that often contain unwanted substances on it. These can be rubble, weed, trees, litter, trash, and some related stuff. A site must be clear before construction so that the land can firmly hold the construction materials.

  1. Other Related Sitework Activities

There are some other preparatory activities that sitework estimates do consider. For example, shoring and erosion control, subgrade stabilization, underground installations (Drainage and Water Systems), etc.

Significance of Site Preparation and Sitework Estimates

Professional sitework estimation for construction estimates positively influences the final building structure. Expert estimators do not let a stone unturned when doing sitework construction cost estimation. The site preparation can then provide the following benefits;

  • The obstacles on site can impede project development. Therefore, they are removed in site preparation. The construction work becomes relatively easier as laborers can reach the site with less effort.
  • When we do site preparation properly, there is seldom a chance of damage to the structure. As we know, we use underground water and drainage systems, insulation and heating systems, and electricity connections. The sitework estimating services in construction estimates make a clear picture of all these steps. The contractors then consider all of them to avoid running into trouble.
  • When you pick a reliable estimating company, they give you an authentic view of the sitework services required. Therefore, you can increase the stability of your dream projects with appropriate site preparation.
  • The soil stability eliminates the risk of caving. Hence, your construction workflow goes smoothly throughout without any work halts.


Site preparation ensures the safe foundation of your construction project. It maintains the chosen land and gets it ready for building. Hence, it makes a building long-lasting. It can firmly bear certain climacteric changes, atmospheric pressure, and other environmental conditions. The professional sitework estimates facilitate the contractors in making the right decision. The construction estimates lead you to complete the project as per the blueprints provided.

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