Roof Top Tent Guide – This Is What You Need To Know

Purchasing a roof top tent NZ is a great decision. They prevent unwanted animals from visiting, give you a great view when you wake up, and tend to accumulate less sand and dirt. They also free up space inside your car for other necessities. More significantly, crocodiles frequently are unable to scale ladders.

Roof top tents have gained enormous appeal after everyone realized how great they are, including men, women, and dogs. There are therefore MANY various alternatives available.

How do you decide which roof top tent to purchase then? Before you go out and buy a roof top tent, read this guide to learn more about them.

The Most Common Varieties Of Roof Tents

When purchasing a roof top tent, you have the same taco-like option of selecting a soft or hard shell.

·        Soft Shell

The least expensive choice is a soft shell roof top tent, which essentially resembles a regular tent erected atop your car. It is portable and can be spacious enough for families. It’s the slowest roof top tent to set up and take down, yet it’s still quick. Particularly when packing up because you have to round the car tucking everything in before attempting to wrestle the cover over everything.

·        Hard Shell – Pop Up

stout shell Pop up roof top tents are easy to erect and, once unpacked, resemble a large cargo box on top of your car. In order to keep the walls taut during a storm, they have either gas or spring struts. Just kidding, nothing will keep you safe from a drop bear. The hard top shields you from the elements and drop bears. They regrettably cost more and offer less space than a soft shell roof top tent.

·        Hard Shell – Calm

Clam shell roof top tents are the easiest to set up and take down, and when they are in place, they resemble a large triangle atop your car.The hardware (hinges, etc.) is all installed on the same tracks, making repairs simpler when necessary. Similar to the pop-up, the fabric is tightly stretched so that it is less likely to flap around in bad weather. However, it also has the advantage of allowing you to move your car and angle the roof to deal with the weather.

·        Other Styles Of Roof Top Tent

Although there are a few less popular varieties of roof top tents available, the blow-up tent stands out as the most prominent. It is spacious and, as the name implies, is constructed by pumping air into it.

Important Factors To Take Into Account Before Purchasing A Roof Top Tent

·        Do You Require Any Beds?

The majority of possibilities are available if you only need to sleep one or two adults. Any more than that limits your options. Families frequently have to settle for soft shell roof top tents because it’s difficult to find a roomy, cheap hard shell option. This is due to the fact that they fold out over the side of your car, thereby increasing the sleeping area by two.

·        What Amount Of Weight Can Your Car And Roof Racks Support?

You must ensure that the vehicle does not weigh more than its GVM while the roof top tent is mounted because they can weigh anywhere from 49 kg to as much as 90 kg (the maximum your vehicle can weigh when fully loaded).

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