Samsung vs. Apple Wearables: Who Takes The Home Run 

Samsung vs. Apple Wearables: Who Takes The Home Run
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Wearables are a glimpse into what the future of technology might look like. From once a simple gadget to an innovation that will change the game of technology, health, and accessibility, smartwatches have become the norm. They might soon become a necessity like smartphones. 

Smartwatches have become extremely common as they provide a ton of convenience for whoever uses them. As one looks to buy iPhones and find computers for sale, smartwatches have started to be thought of alongside these. Their versatility is proven as they can be used as a small accessory for your phone to attend to calls or see notifications on your phone, as fitness devices that can let you know your heart rate, how much you’ve walked, how many steps you take, amongst other things such as employing tactics to give an emergency call to help you instantly; and at times, simply as a beautiful watch on your wrist that compliments your overall look. These are just small displays of the many features that these smartwatches have. 

Comparing features of the wearables Samsung and Apple have to offer, we’ll list them off and let you decide which one’s the better choice when looking to get a reliable, durable smartwatch you can count on any time: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, against Apple’s latest Apple Watch Series 8. This article has looked at differences that will help you make a final decision. 


There are different variants of both these watches, and therefore, different costs associated with them. The base version of the Apple Watch Series 8 starts at $399, with a 41mm display and no cellular. To get a larger size of 45mm, the cost is bumped by $30 to a total of $429. To add cellular to the device as well, an additional $30. So, getting a machine with every feature upgraded to its best form, the Apple Watch Series 8, would cost $529. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro comes with two price tags: $450 for the BlueTooth version and a further upgraded version which consists of LTE for $500


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a screen of 1.4 inches with a pixel density of 321 Pixels Per Inch. The screen is also extremely sharp thanks to having Super AMOLED screens. It also has special features of scratchless glass and an ambient light sensor. The Apple Watch Series 8 45mm comes in with a screen size larger than that of the Samsungs, which is 1.9 inches. The screen is an OLED screen with an impressive brightness of 1000 nits. Both of the watches’ displays are protected by sapphire glass. Both also manage to have always-on displays.


Both provide a similarly seamless experience, with both devices being powered by a dual-core CPU. The Apple Watch Series 8 uses the Apple S8 chipset, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro uses the Exynos W920. Both of these devices can be charged wirelessly, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a 590mAh battery, while the Apple Watch has a 308mAh battery. Both have accelerometers, gyro, heart-rate sensors, and thermometers. The Apple Watch can also tell you your SpO2 and VO2 max, which are extremely important indicators for athletes and sportspeople.


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However, these differences are ultimately minor when compared to each other. As you read, there’s not that big of a difference between each watch. However, there is one major deciding factor. It is whether your phone is an Android phone or an Apple device. The Apple Watch Series 8 perfectly fits in with the rest of the Apple Ecosystem, as it acts as a companion device to the iPhone itself. It is intimate in use with Apple devices, and one small example of this would be how it can be used to unlock your MacBook. Therefore, if you are an iPhone user, you should instantly choose the option of buying the Apple Watch Series 8, but if not, then definitely consider the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

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