Sanjana’s New Song “Don’t Kill My Vibe” 

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Blog Introduction: If you’re a fan of hip-hop, then you need to check out the latest song by Singer Sanjana Nuwan Bandara. The up-and-coming music sensation is from Dubai and her latest song “Don’t Kill My Vibe” is quickly climbing the charts. 

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Sanjana’s unique style of writing her own lyrics and mixing them with R&B beats has won her a loyal following of fans who appreciate her raw talent.placing her in a music scene that is otherwise male-dominated. Her upbeat personality and positive message in her songs are also a refreshing change of pace in today’s music industry. And she’s not afraid to take on social issues in her music, as evidenced by her latest song “Don’t Kill My Vibe.” 

The song is based on the true story of Sanjana’s friend, who was killed by her abusive boyfriend. It talks about how domestic violence is often ignored or swept under the rug, and how we need to have more open conversations about it in order to make a change. Sanjana’s friend’s death could have been prevented if someone had just intervened and stopped the abuse sooner. And that’s what Sanjana wants people to take away from her song; that we all have a responsibility to stand up for what’s right, even if it isn’t easy. 


Singer Sanjana Nuwan Bandara is an up-and-coming music sensation from Dubai who you need to keep an eye on. Her latest song “Don’t Kill My Vibe” is a moving tribute to her friend who was killed by her abusive boyfriend. The song highlights the importance of having open conversations about domestic violence and intervening when we see it happening. Be sure to check out Sanjana’s new song and support emerging artist!

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