Sar Pass Trek: A Story Of One Of The Most Incredible Treks Of Incredible Treks Of India

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Hailed as one of the most incredible treks of India, Sar Pass trek you must not miss if you are a person who loves adventure.  If adventurous treks have always thrilled you, then this is the perfect trek for you. Snow covered grounds, breathtaking views, surreal locations, this location has it all. It is a perfect paradise for all the artists, photographers and travel lovers. This trek is going to help you take a perfect brake into nature. This place will surround you with memorable moments and the local cultures and villages you pass through will bring help you know about various new things. You would not regret trekking here.

The whole route is covered with views of green valleys, high waterfalls along with the river Parvati flowing by the side. You can easily go for the trek while you are on a trip to Parvati valley or Kasol. Grahan village is the base camp of the trek from where the journey begins. It is a small hamlet at close proximity to Kasol. Most of the people visiting Kasol aren’t aware about this place, thus, it still is a quiet and sparsely populated beat location where tranquility is still there.


·        The airport nearest to the pass is the Bhuntar airport, it in the Bhuntar town. It is situated 10 kms from Kullu. It is also known as the Kullu-Manali airport.

·        There is also good road connectivity. You can arrive at your base camp by road as well and it is really close to the town of Kasol. There a lot of local buses and cars you can avail. It is easy to visit the place if you are from Delhi, Punjab or nearby areas. You can travel via road by NH1 via Ambala or Chandigarh. You can also avail private buses or HRTC public buses that depart from Delhi or Chandigarh.

·        It is difficult to approach here by train. If you live far from Himachal, you need to arrive at Delhi or Chandigarh first. And from here you can take a bus or a car. The closest narrow-gauge railhead is the Joginder Nagar station.


The most comfortable months to go for this trek is from mid-April till the end of November. Visit before May if you want to see snowfall in here. During this time, the lake remains frozen and there will be a lot of huge glaciers on the way. However, if you go any time between May to October, you will get to see clear views as the sky remains clear during this time. The place is a popular attraction to tourists during the months of May and June.


You will begin the trek with your team from Kasol. While you are at Kasol, you should totally explore the town and for the first day the journey starts from Kasol and you have to reach Grahan village. This is usually where the base camp is set up. Grahan village covers a small area and is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds of Kasol. This place is the ultimate spot to relax. The route till the village takes you through several meadows and if you wait around for a while you may get to birdwatch a bit.

Next day, start trekking for Min Thach. Throughout the journey you will be trekking through enchanting forests. There is also a Wildlife sanctuary called the Kanwar sanctuary nearby.

Here, people set up their tent for the next campsite. Roam about a bit in here and you will get a enthralling view of Nagaru and Sar peaks. Here you will see huge fields with several cattle grazing.

At night you can spend your time stargazing, particularly if you are trekking during the summers with clear skies.

Next, start trekking from here to Nagaru and you will soon be at a height of 12500 ft. Here you will be at the coolest and the highest point of the trek. Set up the next camp here.

From here trek for a short time to reach the peak. The beautiful landscape beneath you, with a picture-perfect view of Beas river, Parvati and Chanderkhani will blow your mind.

For the next day, be up early and watch the sunrise behind the mountains. Post breakfast you can plan your downwards and visit the Biskeri Thatch crossing Sar pass and Sainj Valley.

Finally, trek downwards to Barshaini and from here be back to Kasol.

Everyone who has been on this trek never returned disappointed. The trek has everything in store that one could possibly ask for.


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