Sar Pass Trek: Complete Trekking Guide


Sar Pass is an excellent route for first-time hikers. It’s an excellent choice for individuals who wish to explore a variety of terrain. Trekkers will have a diverse range of experiences along this path, which includes forests, meadows, beautiful villages, and snow-covered mountains. According to Prashant Jha, a postgraduate from BITS Pilani, this well-known trip in Himachal Pradesh’s Parvati valley has been well-documented and investigated.

The Sar Pass trek begins in Kasol, which is a sanctuary for travelers from all over the world and draws enormous weekend crowds, many of whom are city millennials looking for a taste of the bohemian lifestyle. The trek is a combination of hiking and camping. The shops are well-stocked with both basics and luxury in order to cater to the needs of tourists.

There are several accommodation alternatives – both budget-friendly and high-end – and a variety of cuisines to select from, including Israeli, Continental, Indian, and Chinese.

Itinerary for a Short Trip

  • This walk is perfect for first-time hikers.
  • Trek through forests, fields, and small villages on this adventure.
  • Climb to the peak of Sar Pass, which stands at 13,799 feet above sea level, for breathtaking vistas of snow-capped mountains.
  • The hike begins at Kasol, which is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world.
  • This trail draws a considerable number of visitors on weekends.

Information on the Trail

  • Altitude ranges from 1,700 m to 2,350 m.
  • Distance traveled: 10 kilometers; time required: 4-5 hours.

In order to get from Kasol to Grahan, one must take a well-marked track through woodlands, which follows the Grahan Nalah. Beginning in the heart of Kasol, it travels to the true left of the nalah till it ends. In addition to being easily navigable, the route is extensively utilized by residents. Because of the mild gradient, one may cover a significant amount of ground in a short period of time.

What to bring with you on your trek?


Backpack (40-60 liters): Sturdy straps and a supportive frame are used to construct this backpack. A rain cover for your bag is an absolute must.

If you opt to dump your backpack, you must also carry a daypack (20 liters). If you want to travel with your backpack, you will not need a day pack.


Trekking shoes are required; no sports shoes are permitted. Shoes with adequate traction on the bottoms and ankle support are essential. A fresh pair of shoes should not be worn on a hike. It has the potential to produce blisters. Wear it for a week before carrying it with you on your adventure to make it softer. FORCLAZ 100, 500, and 600 are the strengths we suggest.

Socks (3 pairs): 2 pairs of cotton socks and 2 pairs of woolen socks (mostly for use on campsites and when sleeping). Keep them dry at all times.)


Trek pants (at least three pairs, including the one you are currently wearing): Because they are lightweight and quick-drying, we recommend synthetic quick-dry pants. It’s also possible to layer one over the other when it’s really chilly. A pair of shoes would be the only thing you would bring along with you on your walk, aside from your worn ones. Alternatively, you may save the third pair for your return trip. 

Alternatives include cotton pants with multiple pockets and track pants, which are also comfy. Please do not bring denim jeans, shorts, or 3 quarters with you on your journey.

3 pairs of collared t-shirts (in addition to the one you are currently wearing): Preferably light, full-sleeve t-shirts. The collar and sleeves help to keep the neck and arms from being sunburned. Avoid using bright colors that might attract the attention of birds and animals.

Full-sleeved woolens (at least two pairs, including the one you are now wearing): We choose fleece over wool since it is less weight, more compact, and more comfortable.

Carry one hollow full-sleeve windproof jacket/down jacket with you at all times.

Insulating inners: 1 pair each of lightweight, upper and lower thermal inners (optional)


Raincoat/poncho: A lightweight poncho is ideal since it may be used to cover your backpack from the top as well. Depending on the situation, a raincoat can also serve as a windbreaker. Consult Indiahikes to determine whether ponchos are available at the base camp.

Balaclava: The hat must be large enough to cover your ears and neck. Scarves can also be used in this situation.

Synthetic hand gloves: Make certain that the gloves are watertight before using them.

Suncap: Pair of warm gloves, either fleece or woolen, is necessary. 1 pair of gloves that are water-resistant and wind-resistant. Nowadays, you may obtain inner gloves that are extremely thin. You might be able to buy one of them to use for layering.

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Sunglasses: Curved lenses will provide enough protection for your eyes. No wearing blue-colored sunglasses since they do not filter UV rays. Colors such as black, green, and brown are acceptable. Avoid wearing sunglasses with many colors. Snow blindness may be avoided by wearing sunglasses. This walk necessitates the use of sunglasses.

Personal Medical Kit

  • Diamox – a total of 10 pills (to prevent AMS)
  • Crocin – a total of six pills (fever)
  • Avomine – a total of four tablets (motion sickness)
  • Avil 25mg – 4 pills Avil 25mg (allergies)
  • Combiflam – a total of four pills (Pain killer)
  • Disprin – a total of six pills (headache)
  • Norflox TZ and Lomofen each include six pills (diarrhea)
  • Digene – a package of ten pills (acidity)
  • Omez/Rantadine – ten tablet doses (antacids)
  • 3 to 5 metre length of crepe bandage
  • Gauze – one tiny roll (about).
  • Bandage – a total of 10 strips
  • Cotton — 1 small roll (about).
  • ORS – ten packets per person
  • Betadine or any other antiseptic cream should be used.
  • Moov spray is a spray that has a psychedelic effect (aches, & sprains)

Anvesha Jain

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