Say Goodbye To Extreme Sweating: Understanding Miradry

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Excessive sweating can be annoying, to say the least. It can be more than just that. When someone suffers from it, it can take over their life completely. Excessive sweating can make one feel conscious about the smell of the sweat and the marks it leaves behind. Apart from being worried about the favourite clothes being stained, excessive sweating can impact one’s confidence. It might also push one to try different remedies. These remedies might not always be helpful enough. This is when you need some extra help like Miradry Toronto. It is a cosmetic treatment that targets sweat glands present in the underarms. We are here to tell you all about this treatment, to help you make an informed decision about the same.

What happens during the treatment?

MiraDry treatment lasts for about an hour. It is an in-office procedure. Before beginning the treatment, a topical numbing agent is applied to ensure you are comfortable. After that, a handheld laser is moved across the targeted area. Through the device, electromagnetic energy is delivered to the underarms. As the heat reaches the glands, it effectively destroys the sweat glands. In the coming weeks, they are naturally removed from the body.

When does one begin to see results?

After having undergone this treatment, you will begin to see a change almost instantly. The results experienced vary from patient to patient. A great advantage of MiraDry is that the results are permanent. Though one treatment can bring about a significant difference, in some cases a second treatment would be required to bring about the desired results. Apart from that, the laser also destroys the hair follicles in the underarms.

Is MiraDry a safe treatment option?

It is natural to wonder about the safety of the cosmetic treatment that you are planning. As MiraDry destroys the sweat glands in the underarms, you might find yourself wondering if it is a healthier option or not. About 2% of sweat glands are present in the underarms. Even if they are neutralized, it doesn’t negatively impact the body as thermoregulation goes on as usual.

What are the other treatment options available?

Apart from MiraDry, there are other treatment options that you can consider. Anticholinergic drugs work to prevent the activation of sweat glands but there are side effects to it. There is also a surgical option available in which small incisions are made to sever the nerves that are responsible for activating sweat glands. The surgical method leaves behind scars and recovery is quite uncomfortable. Botox is another treatment to be considered. It works by freezing the sweat glands. The results from this treatment last only for about 4 months. You will require repeated treatments to maintain the results.

Schedule a consultation

It is time to say goodbye to excessive sweating. Take the first step towards it and book your consultation today. Speaking to a surgeon about it can bring about the much-needed clarity and help you make the right decision.


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