Scarlet Macaw

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It is believed that the Scarlet Macaw is one of the most enthralling birds to be located in South-Eastern Mexico through Brazil. The birds are distinguished by their vibrant red green and yellow and blue plumage. They also have featherless skin around the eye, to the bill, and feet with four toes with sharp claws at their point.

But, Scarlet Macaws are also famous for possessing

some of the most charming traits that any animal can have… birds facts mating for the rest of their lives with their companion! We have to admit that’s quite a long life span considering they have an average lifespan that is 50 years!

These birds with rainbow colors attain sexual

maturity around four years old and nest from January to April. Once they are adults and have found their soulmate, females lay a couple of eggs that hatch for approximately five weeks, while their fathers go on hunts for food.

Adults are very fond of their babies

and will not have babies until the older chicks have fledged and become independent. The chicks stay within the nest for approximately 90 days and then go themselves within a year. Are Birds Mammals? The adults play with each chick and each other, share meals with their friends and have fun with each other.

For this Valentine’s Day take inspiration

from this amazing winged creature. If you’re lucky you’ll see pair of them flying together during the course of a Belize birding trip with rates of up to 35 miles an hour. Absolutely worth noting: LOVE IS IN THE air!

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