Top Science-fiction genre movie Of 2021

Science-fiction genre

Space movies have always left people wandering with incredibly questioning thoughts. These movies tend to leave a significant impact on people’s minds, and this often sparks debates on the internet. People have been seen actively participating in the discussion, explaining their favorite movies. These great space flicks writers set the internet on fire with their excellent ideas and compelling visions. That’s what makes them blockbusters and worth watching—looking for a Science-fiction genre to binge-watch this weekend? Well, you just landed on the perfect article. So, please check out our list of top five Science-fiction genre movies of 2021 to give you significant space feels this weekend. 

1. Dune:

Directed by Denis Villeneuve, the movie is a seamless and faithful adaptation of Herbert’s novel Dune. However, the film is focused on immaterial world-building in the first part. The cinematic technological advancements and unhurried pace and details make it a box office hit. The fantastic visuals, political hierarchy, and star power make it a must-watch space flick. So, try searching what space movie came out in 1992 to find a fantastic set of new movies. 

2. Nine Days:

One of the best Science-fiction genre movies of 2021, nine days represents a life showing we’re truly existing when we communicate, see, feel the experience. Will the male lead, along with his co-worker Kyo, be life-hiring managers where they both enter into a nine-day process to find the best-suited person for the gift of worldly existence. The movie has an ambitious topic with an amazing storyline that, scene after scene, hammer our hearts digging out emotional implications that will take you on a roller-coaster of emotions leaving you raw and refreshed at the same time. So, it will take you on a bittersweet journey of psychological tests, compelling segments, and tenderly magical moments. 

3. F9:

This movie marks the return of the director Justin Lin, only to showcase his undeniable understanding of what makes movies memorable. Though the movie has underwhelming action scenes, the outstanding drama makes it stand out from typical Science-fiction genre movies. F9’s relationships with a pinch of cartoonish humor balance it. You will have one of the best cinematic experiences as it purely succeeds in flashing the life history of the lead over our eyes as the long-lost brothers reunite. So, you can also explore several other sci-fi movies on myflixer movies

4. Oxygen:

The newly released Netflix original is much more than just a sci-fi movie. Alexander Aja, the extremist director, portrays his love letter to human existence with a pinch of high-end blood-curdling scenarios. The movie depicts a woman waking up in a cryogenic chamber with no memory of how she got there. Then comes the twist when a computer system informs her that she has 33% of oxygen left in reserve and she’s trapped in an unknown location, making her escape a real threat for life. The story is a caution for humanity. 

5. Space Sweepers:

This big-budget Southeast Asian film with an intriguing messy storyline should be a must-watch space movie on your list. As a result, the movie was officially released on Netflix, and no sooner did it become Korea’s first blockbuster sci-fi movie. Jo Sung-hee, the filmmaker, beautifully presented a dystopian storyline with compelling details. The film represents the story where life has moved on to Mars. We are introduced to the male lead searching for a loved one when he finds a mysterious girl out of nowhere who entangles him with other space junk collectors. This action-packed thriller is a must-watch especially if you’re a Song Joong-ki fan. Want to explore incredible music, switch to maria grever now. 

So, I hope you find this list useful in choosing your favorite space movie to binge-watch this weekend.

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