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Diving in the Andaman Islands is one of the few adventure activities that allows you to explore the mysterious, enchanting world beneath the surface, and diving in the Andaman Islands does not disappoint. 

India is lucky to have a long coastline and many diving spots. The Andaman Islands offer probably the best diving in India. 

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This is largely due to two main reasons: 

The ocean conditions are ideal and the warm, clear water offers unparalleled visibility. 

The island is home to an amazing array of marine life. 

One of the many ecosystems of hundreds of meters of coral and reef formation 

Ecosystems are preserved, full of life and in perfect condition thanks to minimal human activity and protection provided by the Andaman Administration. The island is covered by volcanic lava mountains which add to its beauty and charm. 

When is the best time to dive in Andaman? 

You should visit the Andamans during the non-monsoon season, which usually runs from October to May, to understand why some of the best diving in India takes place there. Especially in the winter months, the water has excellent visibility and the weather is pleasant. 

But remember that unseasonal rains or unusual cyclonic weather will cancel all dive plans. It is always a good idea to check the weather forecast before deciding to dive, whether you are doing it on your own or as part of an Andaman diving course. Diving schools are usually busiest on weekends. If you want to meet other like-minded people, go on weekends. 

What makes diving in the Andaman Islands so popular? 

There are many dive sites on the planet. But the exciting ocean conditions and the impressive life history of the Andamans and the cultural buzz around it have attracted divers to dive there today. 

The Andaman Islands are special for a number of factors including: 

Some of the best underwater visibility in the world can be found near the dive sites in the warm and clear oceans. 

The diverse coral life and abundant marine life offer experiences better than words can describe. 

If you are not afraid to go very deep or if it is the first time, you can still see various coral and fish life on the beaches, which are full of marine life. 

Which places offer the best diving in Andamans? 

Neil Island, Havelock Island, Port Blair and North Bay Island in the Andamans are the most popular diving spots. It has the greatest diversity of marine life and the waters are relatively calm and visibility is excellent. Your dive instructor will guide you to the best underwater spots in each location so you can fully explore the ocean and its secrets. 

Take Andaman Diving Lessons to Become a Pro. 

There are two ways to obtain training and required certifications for diving courses in Andaman: 

Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) 

International Diving Schools (SSI) 

All types of divers can choose from the following three different dives offered. From Andaman Diving Course: 

Open Water Diver: 

Dives up to 18 Meters 

Open Water Diver: 

Enjoy night dives and 30 meter dives. 

Nitrox Diver Enriched Air: 

 Learn to use a special air mixture that reduces the nitrogen content of your body so you can dive to 36 meters and stay there longer. 

 Some dive shops also offer a “Scuba Diver Course” under Open Water Diver. Only you and your diving instructor are allowed to dive deeper than 12 meters. You should plan your trip according to the different lengths of different courses. 

 COVID-19 Requirements For a 

 Andaman diving trip, be sure to pack plenty of hand sanitizer on the go, several reusable masks in case one gets wet or dirty, and a few disposable masks. backups entering congested areas. Be aware of the latest COVID-19 guidelines issued by the local government of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and ensure that you carry the necessary documents such as a negative RT-PCR report or vaccination records. 

Things to remember 

Avoid sunscreen when diving. Use coconut oil without perfumes, rashes, etc. The chemicals seriously damage reefs and marine life. 

Do not touch reefs, rocks, fish or other underwater creatures, as the diving schools you dive with will also advise you. One touch is a serious threat to the body and can be cancerous for life. 

Diving is a rare experience, so safety should not be compromised. You can find cheap options for diving in the Andamans, but be aware that they may not be the safest, so keep that in mind when booking. 

The diving company will ask you to fill out a medical questionnaire before diving; Depending on your answers, you may not be able to dive (but if you can walk for 10-15 minutes without getting tired and don’t have any serious illnesses, you should be fine). 

You must be ten years old to dive in the Andaman Sea. 

Just leave the bubbles, just shoot. Leave the shells alone on the beach. They don’t actually hang around the houses or act as decorations, but they do a lot to help the coastal ecosystem survive.

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