Selecting UK 49 numbers

Choose six numbers from 1 to 49 in order to participate for a chance to win in the Lottery draw. Six numbers are selected randomly to be referred to as “Winning number”, and a seventh is selected for”Booster Number “Bonus number” as well as the “Booster Ball”. You’re a winner if your numbers are in line with more than three “winning” figures. Two (2) draw daily, Lunchtime and Teatime respectively. All players around the world are able to take part at this sport. But, UK inhabitants and South African residents are the most active on the 49s scene.

It’s the UK 49’s lottery

The lottery called the 49s uk takes place twice daily and is played during lunchtime at 12:49 GMT and teatime 17:49 GMT in the summer and 16:49 GMT in winter daily. The lottery is operated through the UK government and began in the year 1990. The money earned from the game is utilized for government purposes to aid non-profits, health and other similar organisations. Participants must be over 18 and winnings can be claimed without tax.

Time of draw are for UK 49ers Teatime and Lunchtime

The 49s Teatime draw takes place 15:50 UTC daily. Lunchtime draws are also conducted daily around 14:49 UTC seven days a week and 365 days of the year. But we will display the results daily at 14:50 GMT and 19:50 GMT for Lunchtime and Teatime as well, regardless of timezone conflicts.

The lottery winner UK 49s’s lunchtime lottery: How To Guide

You have to pick between a minimum of 1 and five numbers and decide if you wish you want to include “Bonus” as a bet. If all the numbers you choose are drawn, then you’re definitely a winner. The amount you will win is contingent on the bet you place and those numbers that you place bets on. Be sure to select numbers that have greater odds. Utilize the UK 49s forecast webpage and additional 49s-related tools available on this site to improve your odds of winning. Joining the Syndicate can increase your chances of winning jackpots in the lottery and the more you play, the higher your odds.

It is believed that the most played lottery number in the world is 11. Keep that in mind when selecting your numbers.

It’s the Ball or Booster Ball is also known as the Booster Ball

The number that is drawn last in the lottery draw called”the “Bonus Ball” or “Booster Ball”. You pick a number from 1 and 49. You can win more than 45x the money you spent to win the lottery if you hit your bonus or booster balls.

NOTE: We update our forecasts and results daily and so you should bookmark this and any other pages you’ll find useful, and allow notifications to be sent out to keep you informed of important 49s news in the future. All details and tools offered are intended strictly for research purposes.

UK 49s Hot and Cold numbers balls

To view what the numbers are for the cold and cold balls, visit the lunchtime and the 49s teatime result page. It also has the history of previous 49s winning numbers. It is recommended that players bookmark these pages for quick access.

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