SEO strategy: Optimize Costs and Increase Sales With This Technique

The SEO strategy consists of search engine optimization and is one of the most profitable digital marketing tools. In fact, for today’s businesses it is one of the cornerstones of establishing brand presence and niche authority.

Learn in this article what SEO is, the benefits it can have for your business and how to reduce costs to have a greater online presence.

What is SEO?

It is said that the perfect strategy to achieve online presence by combining SEM and SEO. And it is true, because while the first one gives immediate exposure, SEO achieves results in the medium and long term, but with the great advantage that it is “free”.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that achieves positioning in search results by optimizing the website. An SEO strategy takes into account elements on the page (on page) and off the page (off page). This optimization does not only consist of having good content, but also keeping up with the latest recommendations from Google.

Content is still king. Therefore, an optimal SEO strategy considers an analysis of relevant keywords both for the company’s niche and for the search intention of the users.

Advantages of SEO for companies

For medium-sized companies, an SEO strategy can be one of the most profitable mechanisms.

  • Best cost

The cornerstone of SEO is still content, therefore, a good part of a strategy lies in its production. If evergreen content is produced, that is, content that can be updated to be relevant for a long time, costs can be optimized.

In addition, SEO is free, because unlike SEM, there are no budget guidelines for its implementation. While Google Ads don’t guarantee long-term results, SEO does.

  • Long term impact

Optimized content can remain in good positions for a long time. In addition, continuous optimization is possible. Google’s various updates also help content have an impact in the long run. It is like making a very profitable future investment.

  • Online authority

Online authority is vital for brand positioning.  An SEO strategy accomplishes this through a link building campaign. It is about contacting other authority sites that refer to your company. This link is a vote of confidence that tells users and Google itself that your site is authoritative and trustworthy.

An SEO strategy puts Google as an ally for your business, since it is about implementing the best practices of the most authoritative search engine to position your website.

If you are interested in learning more about the potential of an SEO strategy for your business, send Digital Nomads HQ a message using the contact form. One of our advisors will contact you soon.


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