Shadow Battle Mod Apk v2.2.56 2022 (Latest Version)

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App Description:

This revolutionary RPG-Fighting game is an action game and it is developed by onesoft. By playing this game you will become a Master of martial arts. You have to choose your own 5 heroes before starting the journey of fighting. You are the real hero of this era and you have to fight in the guise of shadow against dark forces. Then you have to deal with crushing enemies.

Then it depends upon you to play this RPG game online or just go through the story for becoming Commander. In this game, your character has fierce techniques to fight against enemies. These techniques also include incredible magical skills for playing. The world’s most popular game is this one.

 Players who enjoy role-playing combat games will undoubtedly enjoy Shadow Battle. The creators of this game made an effort to give customers a realistic battling experience. It frequently happens that someone in the house scolds you or makes you furious.


In this game, you will be able to control your default character as an owner. The character system of this game is quite greater than other systems here. There are many missions in which you have to clear and fight against enemies. When you start fighting you will be able to get money.

As the ratio of money, you received increases the opponent becomes stronger also. You must avoid spilling blood while resisting the urge to subdue your adversary. if you believe you are playing around or that your opponent is too strong.

App Features:

1)…Become Commander

2)…Ultimate Battles



5)…Talented Heroes

6)…Multiple Benefits

7)… Top-Ranked Game

8)…Rapid Fire

9)…Classes of heroes

10)…Easy Controls

 Become Commander:

As a Commander, you can gather, bolster, and control heroes to battle the Shadow’s strength, which poses a danger to subjugating the entire universe. Bring together all the most formidable heroes, then let them battle beside you under your command. Explore the universe on your epic trip and look for planets and stunning scenery.

Ultimate Battles:

Participate in Versus fights to defeat your opponents; Acquire rewards, improve your army, and advance to the position of highest-ranking commander. You will get the chance to go to other planets, touch faraway stars, and explore this area. It opens your eyes and gives you ideas on how to defeat the enemy, which is what many people seek.


In this game you will be able to win dice to find their treasures and prizes, these are including rare heroes, gems, precious materials, and other fantastic gifts. Everyone wants to obtain a reward after putting in a lot of effort. It serves as inspiration for you to muster greater strength to stop the destruction of this world. Additionally, the gift contains tools that will enable you to defeat dark adversaries.


You take control of the team of heroes in Shadow Battle Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems, and you are the only one who can set the cosmos free. You must find a way to free the heroes and come up with crafty strategies to foil the evil designs of the good black forces. This is a bloody conflict, a world-saving revolution that will leave a powerful legacy for future generations.

Talented Heroes:

The task of defending the heroes from the dark forces’ siege falls to the player. In addition to rescue, you must pick allies who will support you during the conflict. Find the best heroes who have the strength to take on the burden of saving the world by learning about them. All of Shadow Battle’s captured heroes have amazing abilities. They have unique techniques to vanquish evil powers.

Multiple Benefits:

Action game fans over the age of 12 can currently play the popular game Shadow Battle Mod Apk Unlimited All, which is currently going viral. This game distinguishes itself from others in its category with stunning 3D visuals, distinctive gameplay, and clear and vibrant imagery. Players have a wide variety of weaponry and stunning places to pick from.

Top Ranked game:

One of the most thrilling games in the game, Shadow Battle immerses all participants in a fast-paced battle. The creation of this game was extremely detailed, and the design and development teams took a great effort to make sure it was done well. As a result, it is now one of the most enjoyable, top-rated action games that gamers should select.

Rapid Fire:

Rapid fire, massive beams, or cluster bombs can be used to inflict tremendous amounts of damage on an opponent while staying in range. Charge into combat with ferocious dash strikes.

Classes of Heroes:

In this game, there are many categories of heroes for playing fighting games. Here in this game, every class has strengths and weaknesses compared to other classes of present times. Before fighting with opponents you have to know your enemy first then you have to fight and win against opponents.

Easy Controls:

You’ll have access to several abilities and controls in the game, and you can directly use your smartphone’s screen to control your left and right hands. Moving the target to the right and selecting the skill is simple when you wish to utilize a high attack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q-1: Does the game Shadow Battle free to download and play for users?

Ans: You may download Shadow Battle MOD APK immediately since it is 100% safe and secure.

Q-2: Is it possible to unlock the maximum level in this game?

Ans: You won’t run out of energy while playing this game Max 52 Levels. These levels will enable you to engage foes for longer battles.


The Shadow Battle Mod Apk Unlock All Characters has amazing 3D graphics with dark tones and these are not able to fit the crucial dark scenes of the game. The virtual world will be available for you to be immersed, which will transform your shoulders into a hero of similar qualities but these feelings are completely real. The heroes of this game have their backstories. This story is read and interpreted by all the secret forces which are available for you.

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