Shock Absorber Bridge & Related Useful Information

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Are you a person who is learning about the game of dice and do not understand the betting forms of this subject? In today’s article, the Kubet bookie would like to introduce detailed information about the disc shock absorber and how to bet to bring the highest efficiency.

What is a disc shock absorber?

The disc shock absorber is another way of calling the shock absorber bridge. This method is one of the forms of gambling that attracts a large number of players to love and participate in betting.

Expressly, the flat here can, as the even or odd result in the disco betting is kept the same over many bets. There is no sign of change. The disc shocks will appear most commonly at traditional bookies, where the dealer will shock the disc directly in front of the player. Determining the bridge will help you very well in the betting process.

The rules of online disc jockeying.

Although appearing a lot and is popular with traditional bookies, that does not mean that the bridge does not appear in online poker. For example, when playing poker at the kubet bookie, you must also pay attention to the house’s rules of dice to catch cards and look for opportunities to bet to win.

Depending on the disc, the dealer will choose a solid or light shock but always try to keep the result unchanged. If the bookie decides to bet on the oven door, it will usually accept bets when the odd door has more chances, which will help the house always make a profit.

If the bet amount is more than the oven door, the house can also choose to sell even or return if no brother dares to accept the sale. This model is the rule of online poker that many online bookies apply. How to recognize a bridge

In participating in playing poker, you also need to pay attention to how to recognize the disc shock absorber so that you can come up with the most reasonable playing strategies. Specifically, let’s find out with KUBET the two signs to identify the bridge below!

• With odd doors: If there are three consecutive shocks, but the result of disc shocks is still bizarre, there is no change, and there is a very high chance that the next shock round will have a flat bridge. The bridge will be confirmed when there are four consecutive odd doors appear.

• With an oven door, the signal of the flat bridge will be longer than five consecutive shocks, and when it comes to 6 successive turns, will officially determine the even-faced bridge.

How to shock the disc effectively guidance.

You must learn more relevant knowledge in each betting game to increase your chances of winning. Specifically, let’s know the safe and effective way to shock the disc below!

Swing the disc to the tail bridge, dodging 1-1

The 1-to-1 ratio bridge is a type of shock absorber bridge applied by many brothers. Specifically, this type of bridge will be when the results of the shocks after the footbridge appears are even – odd – even – odd or vice versa is abnormal – even – odd – even.

According to many brothers, Kubet will extend the 1 – 1 bridge from 4-8 consecutive shocks, so you can follow this principle to bet. However, if the dealer’s trick appears, you should switch to placing 1 -2 and then return to the 1 – 1 bridge.

If you are not really into your play, you should choose to play quickly when your capital is thick enough and stable. If the money is too thin, it is not advisable to choose this method.

Four-hander shoveling disc brake

Currently, when betting on poker, many brothers have used online poker hacking software to hope of having the opportunity to deceive the house to know the results in advance. However, the online bookie always has a way of filtering players with fraudulent behavior, so you must pay attention, not use hacking methods, but seriously research to place bets.

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With the method of straight disc shocks dodging the 4-hand bridge, you need to have the skills to observe and remember the results of the previous surprises. When you see continuous rounds without a round to the bridge, and a door appears continuously for the 3rd time, bet immediately on that door to dodge the 4-hand bridge. This way will help you have a chance to win the bet because the probability of preparing for the bridge is relatively high.

In general, the methods of determining and playing roulette, as mentioned above wheel must have partly helped you to be able to safely choose to bet according to the bridge and allow you to win high bonuses from the online casino.

High-tech Time Spoiled Discs – How to Identify Perfectly

As a betting lover, you are not too strange in the game of dice for money. However, besides reputable betting casinos, some casinos use deception methods to deceive players. Specifically, how does the high-tech shock absorber use equipment? Let’s find out with the Ku casino bookie right below!

New types of disc shock tools today

With high-tech scams, online betting platforms will likely use current technology rookies are very fond of in casinos. t is difficult to determine without a thorough examination. Specifically, now the bookies often use some of the following cheats!

Disc with camera

The disc with a camera is one of the most popular poker tools you can quickly identify if betting at a casino. Specifically, this is a particular type of video recorder attached to a disc to shock; usually, if you do not pay attention or do not look closely, you will certainly not be able to see that the house is cheating the player.

With this method, the results will combine with other forms on the bookie’s phone, directing players to bet on the wrong doors.

Camera bowl

The camera bowl is one of the high-tech shock absorbers used by many units because this method will be difficult to identify. Usually, professional bookies will use a face-down bowl containing a cleverly installed hidden camera, which is difficult to reveal.

The camera in the bowl also has the same effect as the camera in the plate. Both clearly display the results of the sides of the coin in the scale so that the dealer knows the results in advance and conducts navigation.

Magnetic induction military

If it comes to sophisticated products, we certainly will not be able to ignore the magnetic induction unit. This tool will be mounted directly on the military position. Here, we will divide it into two types: no tang and tang to easily trick players that “gods don’t know, demons don’t know.”

Projection from Nano vibration alarm

Vibrating Nano is a remarkably sophisticated instrument that is very well, so even if you are a professional player, it is complicated to detect. Specifically, the bookie will use the circuit board to install it on the mat. When the disc dealer places on the correct board, the signal will be, from which the dealer will correctly guess the coin’s approximation.

Kubet can install this type of circuit board in most types of mats on the market today, so if you want to detect it, you can only observe the dealer’s behavior or find a casino on the brick floor to ensure safety.

Surfing tools

With this high-tech shock absorber, the touchpad will be completely separate from the dish for shock. Ku will connect this assistive device to another external device to announce the result, which can be a phone, lighter, or any personal device.

Through this tool, the house will quickly get the results through the vibration sensor, thereby guessing and navigating the bet so that it can cheat most players.

How to recognize and prevent shock absorbers?

To help you better understand the form of playing poker as well as being able to avoid the tricks of the online casino, let’s find out right away how to recognize and avoid scams right away. Down here:

Players are not allowed to test the disc shocks

Usually, if the bookies operate openly and transparently and are required to check the equipment, they are always ready for players to review to verify the transparency in betting activities.

However, many bookies often refuse this offer. Therefore, you can suspect this house is engaging in non-transparent behavior, affecting players’ interests.

These betting halls also often take common reasons such as feng shui, fear of players damaging their tools, fear of being swapped, etc. Since then, they have refused to allow you to check their shock equipment. If they let them study, they will only check superficially, only allowing viewing for a few seconds. They can even install insiders as players to check to outsmart you when participating in betting.

Number of players on the mat

For reputable bookmakers, which have been operating for a long time, many people will usually participate in betting. However, if you step into the casino and each table is only sparsely populated with a few people, finding another address is best.

We cannot say that the casino cheats on the players, but with a casino of this type, the danger often outweighs the benefits. Therefore, running away is the best bet in this case.

If you are more reckless, you can completely sit back and observe the play and the eyes of these people to make predictions. Usually, they will put on the winner continuously to entice you to play along. From there, you may lose your subjectivity and start.

The rules of the game are not clear.

With  Kubet bookie, the game’s rules are always clearly public, and there is never a problem of controversy in the betting process. However, with fraudulent bookmakers, the game’s laws may not be clearly stated, so they can quickly counterattack and even collect the player’s fine. Therefore, you should only bet on reputable platforms.

Hopefully, by sharing the above-mentioned high-tech poker tools, you have gained more practical knowledge in betting on traditional discus at online casinos.

Besides, some bookies can also use the software Hack disc jockey online on their phones, so you also need to refer to it to avoid playing online poker and being cheated.


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