Shooting in Russian school – death toll is already 17

Over the past week, since September 21, 2022, the whole of Russia was stunned by the news of the partial mobilization on the territory of the Russian Federation, initiated by the Ministry of Defense. Someone supported, someone fervently condemned, but not indifferent. Gloom and sorrow literally enveloped all regions of the large country. And it seems that nothing could darken the already bleak events of the past week when yet another terrible news came from Udmurtia, namely from the city of Izhevsk.

Terrible events

On September 26, 2022 a young man burst into school No. 88 in the capital of Udmurtia and carried out an armed attack. Both adults and children became victims of the killer. The intruder entered the school building, killing the security guard, after which his victims were teachers and students of the school. The perpetrator finished his bloody journey on the 4th floor of the school, where after killing the teacher he entered the classroom and began aiming fire at the terrified children. According to survivors in the classroom, the perpetrator fired many shots, including reloading his weapon. It should be noted that the murderer fired two guns that had been converted to live ammunition. Having completed his terrible atrocities, the criminal committed suicide in front of the surviving high school students. The bloody sum total of the horrific events to date is 17 dead and 24 wounded. The worst thing is that of the 17 murdered, 11 were children.

Identity of killer

The man was dressed in all black. The killer had a red Nazi swastika on his chest. During the investigation it was established that the one who committed the mass shooting had graduated from Izhevsk School No. 88. The criminal turned out to be 34-year-old Artem Kazantsev, registered with mental disorders. During the study of social networks and personal belongings of the criminal, the investigation concluded that the bloody suicide bomber felt hatred for people and adhered to the ideology of the Nazi organization, which is banned on the territory of the Russian Federation. According to unconfirmed information, a suicide note was found during a search of the killer’s residence which stated that the mass murder had been planned for about a year. 


Alexander Bastrykin, head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, arrived personally at the scene of the tragedy. On the fact of the incident, criminal proceedings were initiated under articles related to the murder of several persons, with aggravating circumstances in the form of children and persons in a helpless position. Also, a criminal case was opened on article on illegal acquisition of weapons, because that was the way Artem Kazantsev acquired his alterations.


A spontaneous memorial for victims of the horrible events of September 26, 2022 was organized in Izhevsk. All too often such terrible events began to take place on the territory of our country. We have not yet forgotten the horrible events of 2021, connected with mass shootings in Kazan and Perm. Everyone was talking about the need for stricter gun ownership laws: from more thorough background checks on gun candidates to a more serious gun training process, including the introduction of modern firearms training. But as the latest bloody incident demonstrated, if a criminal wants to own a gun, nothing can stop him.

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