Should We Encourage Teenagers For Disposable e-liquid?

There is no doubt that teenage vaping should be prohibited. Even when adolescents reach the legal age of vaping, which is eighteen years and older in the UK, they should not be allowed to vape too often.

Major Reasons for Prohibiting Teenage Vaping:

There are many plausible logics why a prohibition on vaping and smoking is a justified act. Different people will answer this question differently based on their observation of individual needs, but some of the most significant factors are listed below:

Disposable e-liquid vapes contain nic salt, and their continued intake will lead to nicotine addiction. Even if becoming addicted to nicotine is not as serious as other drug addictions, it still is harmful and should be avoided as much as possible.
Some youngsters are still in the growing phase even after they pass the legal age limit for using CBD e-liquid or other nicotine-carrying products. Letting nicotine alter normal body functions by interfering with dopamine receptors negatively affects your long-term health.

Why Underage Individuals Vape/Smoke:

There are many explanations for this question. The environment around a person greatly influences their perception of things and others. Some take things positively, and others tend to see the situations in a negative light. In any case, there is room to change the vaper or smoker’s mind by communicating with them. Firstly, you need to understand why they use these nicotine products:

They are using disposable vapes or conventional cigarettes out of curiosity to try something new and different.
They feel energetic after consuming nicotine, so they inhale it often to do things more swiftly.
They might have been influenced by their friends or relatives using them, either at parties or in routine.
It can be because of stress or anxiety weighing them down.
There might not be a special reason. They could have started smoking/vaping because they knew no better.

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking:

Vaping is a much better and safer option than smoking. It is known to cause 95% less damage to the body than that caused by smoking. This is a significant number that makes you stay and think twice before you get deep into smoking. Disposable vapes are considered the best alternatives to conventional cigarettes because they provide a similar experience. Moreover, they are maintenance-free and easy to use.

Should We Encourage Or Berate Teens On Vaping:

The instant response would be not to encourage teenagers to either vape or smoke. This is correct, keeping in mind the consequences of these activities on health and the environment. But things get a little more complex when you are not always there to keep an eye on kids.

Most of them are influenced by their peers and start smoking at an early age with them in schools or at parties. Gradually, they become addicted to nicotine and find it difficult to quit this habit. Since disposable vapes are 95% safer than traditional cigarettes, letting them switch to vapes is better than smoking.

Vaping Laws Around the World:

Every country has a separate vaping law. Vaping is viewed differently in various nations. For instance, America has a strong anti-vaping attitude and has banned the devices for a variety of reasons.

Devices that employ cotton candy flavour and other blended flavours in their e-juices have been outlawed by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA. More than 100 businesses have received orders from the FDA to stop producing mixed-flavor e-liquids. However, no one is listening, and factories are going about their daily operations.

Manufacturers of vaporizers purposefully disregard FDA laws and produce their goods in a different manner. For instance, sunset sherbert is prohibited in the disposable e-liquid used in vapes, despite the fact that several e-juice manufacturers produce and market them. To ensure that individuals may vape securely, the government imposes restrictions. To truly aid individuals, it would be preferable for vape makers to abide by the laws. People might go into trouble for not following the regulations.

Vape Liquid With Unknown Ingredients:

On the package of any vape device, including disposable vaporizers, is a list of the vape liquid’s contents. Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavouring, and nicotine are often found in e-juice.

The majority of well-known companies include Nic Salt in their e-liquid while keeping the concentration under 2%. The flavour profile and VG/PG ratio will both be mentioned on the box. Even in small proportions, the fakes of the real ones frequently include unidentified or specific banned chemicals. So, their ruse will be exposed by the e-composition. liquid’s You may get it from an online vape store in the UK if you have trouble telling the difference between genuine and fake products. Vapes for well-known brands are offered by several reputable internet retailers. Additionally, you may go to the official website of the company whose goods you wish to buy. Get your preferred disposable vape by paying attention to a few details, even if you plan to purchase them in person.

Lead A Healthy Life By Vaping To Stop Smoking:

The nicotine inhaled while smoking is strong and in a large quantity. Cigarette smoke consists of many harmful chemicals besides nicotine; disposable vapes ensure that you do not regularly consume such a large quantity of toxins.

The use of nicotine products should be prohibited among underage teens. But if they choose to vape to quit smoking, encouraging them would be better than punishing them as it will help them lead a better and healthier life.

In Short:

It would help if you encouraged teenagers to use alternatives to smoking, like disposable vapes, to quit it. But it would be better to keep an eye on their progress and ensure that they decrease their nicotine intake over time rather than increase nicotine consumption.

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