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Kollywood cinema is cutting the edge over Bollywood and all other entertainment industries across India nowadays. Not only actors of Kollywood industry but people are crazy to the extent that they want to know the details about personal life of these actors like SivaKarthikeyan wife name. He is the actor in Tamil cinema who has managed to achieve a career of such a success with his own hard work. Siva married a simple lady which do not belongs to the industry and it brings a lot of buzz in media about his marriage. Here we will have few sights on his career before and after the marriage. You can know about SivaKarthikeyan movies before and after marriage here that how his career becomes extremely important post wedding.

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Who is SivaKarthikeyan?

SivaKarthikeyan is a Tamil actor who is active since 2012 in Kollywood movies and prior to that the actor was busy in his TV shows. He has attained a good success in very short time period especially despite the fact that he do not have any godfather in Kollywood. Siva is also known for his extremely simple marriage affair which lure many hearts towards him.

Why SivaKarthikeyan is popular is Kollywood cinema?

The reason why SivaKarthikeyan is popular in Kollywood film industry is of course his acting skills that made him famous amongst his fans. At the same time the actor comes from a much grounded place and managed to thrive such huge success which also enough to rule the hearts of fans. If that do not suffice to praise him then his marriage decision will compel you to become his follower from heart and he chose to marry his childhood friend and not adopted to the glamorous world of film industry. Indian Satta.

When the actor SivaKarthikeyan got married?

The actor SivaKarthikeyan got married in the year 2010 to his childhood friend Aarthi doss. Aarthi is not someone connected to the world of cinema and live a very simple life. The couple is married to more than two decades now and both of them are happy with their daughter. The actor was very sure to marry his childhood friend and love Aarthi doss and he did not forget his commitment even after becoming successful. That is the reason why he is admired by the fans for his loyalty apart from good acting skills.

Movies of SivaKarthikeyan before marriage

The actor begin his career in cinema as movie actor after his marriage in the year 2012. So it is not possible to depict movies that he worked before marriage. But yes there are certain TV shows and series that he participated prior the marriage. For example Jodi no. 1, super singer season by Airtel, Kana Kaanum Kaalangal etc. are few of his notable works on Television prior to marriage. So in short there is no movie that we have from his career before marriage in case of SivaKarthikeyan.

Movies of SivaKarthikeyan after marriage to Aarthi Doss

There is a long list of SivaKarthikeyan movies post his wedding. For example The Marina in which he acted senthil, Manam kothiparavai in the role of kanan (2012), Keddi Billa Killadi Ranga, Ethir Neechal, (2013) Kaakisattai, (2015) Remo, (20160 Kanna, (2018) Hero, (2019) doctor, (2021) Don, Prince (20220) and many more. You can see many of them are super hit and others are also winning many hearts in cinema. He showed his acting skills to the fullest when it comes to Kollywood industry. So we can say that he begin his real career after his marriage as prior to that he was busy in television reality shows in major.

Final words

This way we can come to learn that the actual career of SivaKarthikeyan took fire once he got married. Earlier he was not that successful like he became after marriage. His wife is not very modern and live a life of other actor’s wife as she is very grounded and simple lady. The actor choose to marry her because she is his childhood friend and beloved too. Both are happily married since a long time and have a happy family also. SivaKarthikeyan have a very bright future if we observe meticulously in the cinema. He is rising everyday to the best version of himself and not competing with others. That is the reason why people are admiring him to the core despite the fact that he do not belongs to a very wealthy and strong family.

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