Six cleaning tips for homeowners

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Spring is here! It’s time to till the soil, plant the garden and open the windows. It’s dreaded spring cleaning time, but before you get down to sanitizing every surface and cleaning every dark corner, here are six things you can do to make cleaning your home more manageable. This may be the simplest suggestion, but creating a list can help you implement an organized and effective spring cleaning schedule. After marking all the tasks, you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything because you have a system to track your progress and plan your attack. Speaking of practicality.

Don’t work too hard

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Clean the surfaces clean from top to bottom so the dirt or cleaning agent drips off the top, so you don’t have to clean the bottom twice. Clean your kitchen counter before drying to avoid covering freshly cleaned floors with dirt and dust. Speaking of brooms: Always sweep before sweeping. You don’t want wet dirt and grime sitting on the floor while you mop. Finally, sweeping and vacuuming destroy all kinds of dust, so do this first: Wait a few minutes for the dust to settle, and then remove the furniture and candles.

Replace the shower curtain

Spring Cleaning takes care of weekly maintenance tasks. Shower curtains are a great place for mold and mildew to gather. Even with regular cleaning, even well-maintained shower curtains can be resistant to moisture for a long time. Replacing a new shower curtain each spring will give your bath and shower a fresh start and a new look with little effort.

Clean out your drawers and closets while changing clothes for the season

You’ll be happy to put away the oversized sweaters, gloves, and tank tops and ditch the t-shirts and swimsuits. But after packing your winter clothes, give your drawers a good cleaning. You’ll be surprised at the amount of dirt and dust, and it’s much more effective than trying to clean it from piles of clothes and hanging hangers. In fact, the first step in Rengøringshjælp any room in your home is to first clean and organize, and then start cleaning.

Clear green color

The purpose of spring cleaning is to fill the whole house with a fresh and healthy feeling, removing winter clutter and letting in the fresh air of spring. But many commercial cleaners (especially sprays and aerosols) contain many dangerous chemicals, toxins, and irritants that can cause headaches, rashes, coughs, and vomiting. Green cleaners can use non-toxic ingredients such as vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda (to name a few) that have similar results to commercial cleaners, but more for families and pets not safe. It is, and you can easily make and mix green cleaning products at home at a fraction of the cost of commercial products, so it’s affordable. A quick internet search will reveal green cleaning blends that you can make at home to help your wallet and the environment.


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