Sneak Peak: Here’s How Kina and Tam Source their Clothes

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Kina And Tam aimed to establish a socially conscious fashion company that combined fashion and ethics. Love of beautiful things inspires their fun and playful art for your inner child. They strive to create clothes that are as well-made and thoughtful as wearable, comfy, and comfortable. These are clothes you can wear every day without losing style. As for Kina and Tam dropshipping is a big NO for them. They seek to collaborate with certified factories that share their commitment to preserving the rights of local garment workers and reducing their negative environmental impact.

They Use of Organic Cotton

Kina and Tam obtain their clothes directly from certified manufacturers rather than through dropshipping from other retailers. The production of organic cotton uses less water than conventional cotton production, which helps conserve our water supply. You are helping preserve the earth’s precious resources by choosing organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown to promote biodiversity and reduce the impact on local ecosystems.

Kina and Tam understand that organic cotton has a much lower carbon footprint than other types of cotton, which means it’s easier on our planet’s natural resources. It also reduces the pesticides used in agriculture, which is suitable for everyone near farms and fields. Finally, organic cotton is better for those working in those farms and areas because it doesn’t expose them to harmful chemicals, which means they can have healthier lives!

They Source Clothes From Ethical Companies

They collaborate with ethical businesses to source their garments instead of working with unethical manufacturers or through dropshipping. There are two advantages to collaborating with ethical garment businesses:

1) Ethical businesses provide fair wages and safe working conditions for their employees and empower them to create a product they can be proud of. This leads not only to better quality products but also happy employees!

2) Ethical business owners are more likely to be environmentally conscious, which means that the clothes they make will last longer than those made by companies that don’t care about the environment or human rights.

Ethical fashion is a growing movement supported by people who care about the environment and human rights. If you’re looking to buy new clothes and accessories, it’s worth considering ethical brands before deciding.

Kina and Tam’s Partnered Factories

They work with factories in China that meet social and environmental responsibility standards, but they also ensure they’re profitable enough to stay in business. They want you to know that when you buy from them, you’re not only getting great clothes—you’re supporting the people who made them!

Dongguan Hongpeng Textile Co., Ltd

Kina and Tam liked James Zhang, the factory’s brains and heart. His support and knowledge shine through. James created their Love Fund and yearly Kids Aid project in 2017 to help underprivileged and at-risk children in rural China. They think every child has the right to an education. This factory is committed to worker rights, anti-corruption, and the environment, like other BSCI-certified manufacturers they work with. The factory keeps water use logs as part of its Energy and Water Saving strategy to decrease waste and boost water use efficiency.

Jiaxing Shixun Garment Co., Ltd

Vera is a factory owner, wedding designer, and photography studio manager. Vera is always friendly and patient and takes the time to teach us about her factory’s manufacturing methods. She explains every new knitting method or yarn. Vera pays her staff well above the minimum salary, unlike most factories. Vera also pushes the firms she works with to utilize organic cotton.

Along with worker rights and fair pay, this factory fights workplace corruption. The factory has devised measures against corruption, extortion, and embezzlement in high-risk circumstances and activities. Additional methods have been implemented to eliminate, avoid, investigate, and penalize supply chain fraud.

Guangzhou Weixin Garment Co. Ltd

This factory holds BSCI certification. Particularly concerned with workers’ rights, they encourage participation in decision-making and urge workers to express their wants and concerns. To discuss issues linked to the workplace, the factory has also established an open line of contact between the manager, employees, and the union. Other processes are also put up to encourage conversation and employee participation, including grievance mechanisms and suggestion boxes.

Dongguon Ruili Fashion Co., Ltd

Kina and Tam spoke to the owner, Nancy, about creating organic denim pieces. She understood their purpose and didn’t stop until she found it. Nancy was a blessing after numerous factory rejections. She worked quickly and found what they needed. Her determination and shared concept of sustainability and responsibility led to Tinker denim bottom and Bloom Jeans. Ruili Fashion’s organic cotton is manufactured under rigorous environmental and social conditions. Material is sustainable, ethical, and fair.

Why Choose Kina and Tam?

Kina and Tam’s commitment to ethical standards of social and environmental responsibility in sourcing all of their clothing reflects their commitment to the well-being of their customers. They believe that if they make clothes, those should be made in ways that benefit everyone involved and not just dropshipped from some other source. The creators of Kina and Tam are also dedicated in a fun and playful way to providing a variety of styles and sizes for customers to choose from. They’re committed to providing comfortable, high-quality clothing that makes you look great. Their clothes are designed with your comfort in mind and are made from the finest materials available.

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