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Never thought that I would be searching for spying apps and monitoring software on the internet but here I was. You can say it was one of the dark days of my life.

I got to know that my kid was sending weird texts and images to the class fellows and one of them complained about it to the school authorities. Some other parents also came forward after that and it was a mess.

I couldn’t even tell you all how embarrassing that parent’s teaching meeting was. I kept on apologizing to the other parents and teachers and kept reminding myself that I will never forget this embarrassment ever in my life.

After coming back home the first thing  I did was confiscate his gadgets and then got the spy app.

It was a quick decision I searched for the best parental control app and chose the one within minutes. At first, I only got the monthly package but then I switched to the yearly one.

You can check how satisfied I was with this service and the features that I took the big step just after a month. I wanted the app that help me spy on Viber, Facebook, and other social media platforms. But the app that I chose i.e. OgyMogy,  TheOeeSpywas beyond my expectations.

Many other features helped me in so many ways that I regrated the time I balmed these spy app technology and did not use one.

Here is how the app has been doing wonders for me.

Spy Viber:

Spying on Viber was my priority. My kid was using this platform to send vulgar content and weird photos to his class flow. With the help of the Viber spy app, I got to know that he has joined an adult group on Viber. The content shared in this group was beyond my expectations.

He was forwarding this content to all his class fellows. With the help of the spy app, I was able to not only watch his Viber activities but I can also check the contacts added and deleted to the Viber of the teen. I can know if he has joined any adult group and what kind of media is shared through the online groups of the social media platforms.

Spy Facebook:

I thought my teen did not have an account on Facebook. He was not added to the family groups and all. Turned out he has an account but with a fake name. I got to know about the Facebook account with the help of the Facebook spy app to let the parents know about all the Facebook activities they took.

You can know about their posts, online friends and stories, comments, likes, and even messenger activities. You can monitor them even if you don’t know about the account information as the Facebook screen recording feature records the Facebook screen of the target for the user.

Spy Tinder:

He was playing around on the Tinder app as well. The difference was that it was more dangerous here as compared to other platforms. Tinder spyapp offered makes it easy for parents to control the tinder activities of the target teenager.

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You can even block the target internet in case you want to do any tinder activity or meetup of the target with the weird person. In my case that would be saving the other party as I found out about my kid. Al the activities are saved on the online portal of the app.

Spy Whatsapp:

Whatsapp the main messenger app used by many teenagers has now introduced many new features. For example, one feature allows the user to share a photo that can only be seen for one time. That means no proof of the media shared through Whatsapp on either sender or receiver end.

Similar ability to delete the message within minutes and seconds also is a big challenge as there is no record of that on the device. The best Whatsapp spy app saves everything on the portal. That includes one-time shared photos and even the messages and content deleted from the target device.

Spy Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most trending and useable social messenger app. many of us like to share steaks through it. There is no doubt that kids and teenagers spend most of their time enjoying this fantastic social media platform. Now we will tell you what you can spy on Snapchat with a monitoring app.

Read Snapchat conversations

You can easily find your kids’ and teens’ Snapchat conversations without any interference from the targeted person. You have to choose the app to install to monitor the text chats.

Spy sharing files

You can check your kid’s activities and know what they are sharing on the Snapchat app.

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Record screen activities

You can record every Snapchat activity of your loved one. You can choose the ogymogySnapchat screen recording app and enjoy the secret screen recording of your targeted person.

Spy Instagram

As with other, Instagram is also the most popular social media app with many users. Increasing the number of Instagram users can be more harmful to young kids. therefore parents want to secure through spy app. now

I will tell you what the Instagram spy app offers you;

Monitor DMs

You can read all send or receive DMs of your targeted person while using the Instagram app.

Spy Calls

With the Instagram spy app, you are empowered to monitor incoming, outgoing calls of your loved one.

View sharing media files

It helps you secretly see your kids’ media sharing files for online protection. You can easily see all Instagram activities of your child without knowing them.

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