Business from the Standpoint of Ecommerce in 2022


The home as the center of digital commerce; the intelligent supply chain; sustainability; the growth of grocery delivery; social commerce; the power of data and the consolidation of marketplaces are some of the trends identified this year.

Wherever we look, we see change. The technological transformation of business is rapid and accelerating. New innovations are emerging faster than ever, joining an expanding ecosystem of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, augmented reality, and other emerging technologies.

Brands have been forced to engage with consumers in new ways as many spend more time online. This change in behavior accelerated the growth of electronic commerce between four and six years and is expected to continue. In this context, Accenture identified the ten trends that will mark ecommerce in 2022.

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Trend 1: Home Sweet Home

The heart of the business has become the family home. As the closures have forced us to stay home, our shopping habits have accelerated at home. According to a recent study 38% of people do not feel comfortable going to public places in the coming months, while 53% of those who have never worked from home plan to do so in the future. Also, a 169% increase, as a result of the pandemic, of e-commerce purchases among new and infrequent users.

Experts explain that “this trend means that companies will have a lot of digital ground to cover. And organizations that rely on their store as a primary point of sale must continue to develop their digital commerce channels if they want to remain convenient and relevant to their customers. Adding the value of convenience and products and services that can be consumed from home can be done as simply as with an easy-to-use interface.” 

Even where retail has reopened, people continue to go omnichannel: 87% of consumers expect to continue using contactless payment and 84% intend to continue using online ordering services. Of applications. Across all categories, respondents agreed that they would continue to use digitally enabled services such as virtual consultations, social media shopping, and pickup. At the same time, you can see that YouTube is becoming more for the people who crave for more family content. You can start a family content to see a big success in 2022. You can start with the proper plan. Buy YouTube views, gain more subscribers and upload more family content. 

Families have faced considerable challenges during the pandemic. With the lingering fear of yet another variant, it is imperative that companies reorient more aspects of their business to digital channels to attract the new consumer brought about by the pandemic. 

Trend 2: Grocery delivery is on the rise

Online grocery shopping has been gradually expanding in line with the penetration of e-commerce, new technologies and the introduction of new delivery models. Then came the pandemic: millions of people found themselves trying to buy food online for the first time. Suddenly, they found themselves immersed in an ultra-convenient experience, saving time and having more options than ever before. 

Akhil D'souza

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