Star Apple Labs Limited is leading its way in improving M&A deal structures with Blockchain technology.

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Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 10:09 am

The M&A market is expanding globally. The number of M&A transactions has also reached an all-time high. But, like in any other industry, M&A has its own roadblocks. To mitigate these roadblocks, a renowned decentralized autonomous organization named Star Apple Labs Limited has set forth its foot by blending the M&A process with disruptive blockchain technology.

“M&A market has immense potential but with limited access. We want to make it more accessible, transparent and affordable to all. By introducing DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), we will make the M&A process transparent, efficient, and easy for many people to participate,” says the official Star Apple Labs Limited representative.

Star Apple has its own betting currency called the MNA token. These tokens are aimed at Security Tokens (STOs), which are attracting attention these days. In the future, Star Apple envisions itself leaping forward as an STO platform by expanding the market area not only in stocks/equities but also in real estate and intellectual property, along with market revitalization.

STOs have the potential to become a noteworthy trend after mining coins, metaverse, and NFT. STO refers to the recommendation to sell digital certificates of rights that have the properties of securities on the blockchain. It is a method that combines the flexibility of cryptocurrency with the reliability of traditional finance and was born by combining the strengths of each. It is expected that the base of corporate financing through STO will expand more widely in the future. Learn more about apk

Reflecting this trend, MNA Token intends to implement a platform that can tokenize assets as a whole. “Starting with M&A of listed/unlisted companies, we plan to tokenize bonds, artworks, real estate, copyrights, and patents in the future so that anyone can easily participate in asset transactions that are difficult to enter and require a large investment,” clarifies a representative from Star Apple Labs Limited.

We found that MNA tokens are used for decision-making related to M&A and as utility tokens for membership benefits for services acquired through M&A. Token holders will be provided with various benefits, such as policy participation and decision-making, depending on the number of tokens held.

Star Apple representative adds, “Until now, the M&A process had numerous roadblocks such as information asymmetry between the general public and experts, blocking access to M&A information, and M&A inefficiency. In tandem with a desire to solve these problems, we devised MNA token issuance using blockchain technology. We are sure this will bring revolutionary changes into the entire M&A market.” Learn about, click here: imac pro i7 4k and bottled and jarred packaged goods

To us, this is yet another instance of the disruptive potential of Blockchain technology which will transform and improve M&A deals.

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