Stay Home, Hydrate, Sleep & Repeat 6 Tips for Flu Recovery

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It’s sometimes as simple as nursing a few mugs of tea and keeping your heating pad nearby for any aches and pains when recovering from the flu. When that fails, there are a few other recovery options that can help you get out of bed and back to your life with a clean bill of health!

  1. Consult your doctor about antiviral medications-

Antiviral medications are only available with a doctor’s prescription, so you’ll need to see one first. These drugs are usually only prescribed to those who are at a high risk of acquiring flu complications.

These medications stop the virus from multiplying and developing. If you take them within 48 hours after experiencing symptoms, they will be most effective.

Oseltamivir is the most widely prescribed antiviral drug (Tamiflu). Antiviral drugs used within two days of the onset of symptoms can cut the duration of the flu by about one day and the severity of the symptoms by about one day.

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  1. To relieve a cough, take a tablespoon of honey-

Honey is a well-known natural cure for a sore throat or a cough. Honey in tea is a terrific method to stay hydrated and alleviate flu symptoms at the same time. Honey was found to be more efficient than standard cough suppressants at controlling a nightly cough in children aged two to eighteen who had upper respiratory tract infections.

One thing to keep in mind is that honey should not be given to children under the age of one year.

  1. Elderberry is an excellent choice-

Elderberry has been used to treat colds and the flu for many years. After 48 hours, people who caught the flu and took elderberry lozenges four times a day had less fever, muscle aches, headache, cough, and nasal congestion according to a placebo-controlled trial. Elderberry capsules, lozenges, and syrups can be found in health food stores or on the internet. Raw elderberries should not be consumed because they might cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. Keep in mind that elderberry is a complementary therapy, so make sure you’re also taking OTC or prescription medication like flu tablets to treat the flu.

  1. Get as much rest as possible-

While fighting the flu, sleep is the best medicine for your body. While watching TV while cuddled up on the couch isn’t a horrible idea, you shouldn’t stay up all night binge-viewing your favourite Netflix show.

Sleep in by going to bed earlier than normal. You can also take a nap during the day to allow your body to recuperate more quickly.

Rest and sleep might also help you avoid dangerous flu complications such as pneumonia.

  1. Consume nutritious foods-

You may be tempted to eat a dish of ice cream and a bag of potato chips to drown your sorrows, but your body requires superior nourishment to recover from the illness.

Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in fresh fruits and vegetables help to strengthen your immune system as it fights the infection.

Even if you don’t have much of an appetite, it’s critical to eat regularly to keep your strength up.

  1. Stay at home-

Because your body needs time and energy to combat the flu virus, you should put your usual routine on hold.

You could be tempted to go food shopping or do some laundry ahead of time for the week, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice. Stay at home from work or school and postpone errands until you feel better. Staying at home not only aids your recovery, but it also prevents the flu from spreading to others in your neighbourhood or workplace. Because the flu can be deadly for older adults and small children, it’s critical to stay away from others while you’re sick.

Follow these tips to recover as fast as possible from the flu. You should also contact your doctor for guidance on medicines. And the next time you type home delivery of medicines near me, be sure to check out Healthskool Pharmacy’s website and order 100% genuine medicines at affordable rates here.

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