Stealers are targeting food delivery employees

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safe driver should need to be alert from robbers & stealers. Seven nighttime a week, beginning around 9:30, Vicente Carrasco joyfully and whistles at food delivery employees as they depend on their bikes into Manhattan after traveling the bridge. The note he is transmitting? Somebody’s peeking out for you.”

Carrasco incident

Mr. Carrasco also provides meals for a residency, and he carries up his nightly post to complete this play of East 60th Street feel less desolate, to prevent offenses against delivery employees, who have encountered a wave in thefts. Even he is take care of traffic rules as he is a safe driver, no doubt. However, one night later month, nine others bound him after completing schedules to gather through statuses on social media apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

Place of incident 

It is a setting being replicated near the city at the otherwise remote spots where delivery employees communicate, they think most endangered. They arranged the patrols themselves because of what they thought to be an insufficient reaction by the Police Department to a heap in criminality.

Mr. Carrasco, thirty-nine years old age, expressed as he started his eye, We direct to compose among ourselves to rescue ourselves. If we do not execute this, no one else will defend us.

Background information

Mr. Carrasco, who is originally from the form of Guerrero in Mexico and fetched the view to manage the look set in April. He had simply completed a delivery in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Queens when he noticed two people standing in the center of the road ahead of him and fetched scared.


Robberies of the electric bikes that delivery employees in the city depend on which can command up to three thousand, or more than a month’s wages for some, to return and he had been on the peak, and Mr. Carrasco worried he was concerned to be shot.

He bowed and ran. Furthermore, he was undamaged, it annoyed him that he had to perform in worry of being deprived of something so important to his livelihood. Therefore he and a close companion, José Nevares, devised a strategy to monitor the roads.

To compel others, they circulated the expression through a social media application like a Facebook page called Delivery Boys and a 250 WhatsApp group. Additionally, other alike statuses are known or present on Facebook and WhatsApp, with feelings like #Yo Soy Delivery Boy” and #El Chapín de Dos Ruedas,” indicating Guatemalan on Two Revolutions.

The monitors keep watch in unsafe areas and help apps to follow robbed bicycles. He used to 

manage protests, protection drives, and bike enrollment possibilities. The previous month City magazine displayed one status that places itself near the direction of the Avenue Bridge, which links Manhattan and the Bronx. So as a safe driver you need to be more cautious. 

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