STEAM Based Learning: Future of 21st Century Education

STEAM Based Learning: Future of 21st Century Education
schools are focusing primarily on skill-based learning
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Long gone are the days when education in schools was limited to books. Now, with the changing economical facet, schools are focusing primarily on skill-based learning. They are aiming to create 21st Century innovators right from an early age. STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] education is gradually moving towards an upgrade to STEAM education which is further being witnessed as an excellent strategy to ensure a student’s readiness before entering into college or universities. An imperative focus to Art is being catered by the educators for better development. STEAM education has its magnificent benefits attached to it. A few of them are listed below. Take a look:

Benefits of STEAM Based Learning:

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  • Creativity: With STEAM education, students are being fostered with the best of the strategies. They are made to think out of the box which is a key component that develops competencies to implement into their future endeavors. The involvement of art within STEAM education ensures that the student gets creative with time. Also, it broadens the thought process of students through project-based learning. Students, as a result, are exposed to experiential learning which gives them the opportunities to implement their creativity at the best.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: One of the prime benefits of STEAM education is that it trains a student with exceptional problem-solving skills. Not only do the students get to solve academic problems, but also, they learn the art of resolving societal issues. With art being included as one of the key components, children are bestowed with the right education that certainly boosts their creativity. Problem-Solving skill is amongst the most necessitated skills that recruiters will look into in a 21st Century workforce. The top schools in Sonipat are implementing STEAM education to generate modern leaders.
  • Self-Assurance: Confidence is considered a vital characteristic in ensuring long-term success. STEAM education embeds students with self-confidence and teaches them the art of tackling stress-related situations with ease. Similarly, the combination of science and technology enables students to deal with hard subjects. The presence of art in STEAM education lays a major impact on teaching self-assurance to the students. It exposes them to opportunities associated with visuals, art and drama, creative writing, public speaking, and so on. Such strategies are an exceptional approach to boost confidence and make the students stand out in public without getting surrounded by uneasiness.
  • Leadership: STEAM education is all about project-based or experiential learning. Here, the students are motivated to work in collaboration. The 21st Century leaders are the ones who excel in the area of leadership and relationship management. STEAM education inculcates students with leadership through collaborative learning. They learn to work in teams that make them a team person as well as embed essential components of leadership within them.

Future of STEAM Education

STEAM education in schools has now become a necessity in modern-day schooling. The educators are training students with optimum skills and knowledge. With STEAM education, students are being offered a variety of opportunities in terms of their careers. Similarly, a major focus is being provided on personality development. STEAM education in India is becoming highly popular. With the use of experiential learning and developing a strong base for children, the education standards have been considerably raised. The traditional pattern of education is witnessing a transformation.

STEAM education is training students with great verbal skills, interactive studies, and collaborative learning. Also, they are being embedded with the life skills that are a must for the 21st-century workforce. With STEAM education, students are getting industry ready in advance and that’s what is proving fruitful in the longer run. The Top 10 schools in Sonipat are already walking on the path of STEAM education.

21st Century Classroom

There is no doubt in the fact that traditional learning has majorly shifted towards the 21st Century classroom. STEAM Education is the new face of modern learning. It is helping students get ready for future challenges and innovations. These 21st Century classrooms are the ones that are focusing on both knowledge and skills development.

STEAM education is certainly a face of an innovative education pattern. Schools, across the country, are understanding the significance of the one. And so, they are shifting from STEM education to STEAM. Swarnprastha Public School, one of the best boarding schools in Sonipat, is delivering STEAM-based learning to their students and getting them industry ready, surrounded with confidence, at an early age. The expert educators are catering exceptionally well in creating modern classrooms. Thus, at Swarnprastha, students are being trained according to the current trends and demands of the competitive industries.

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