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Strategize in advance, think through possible moves with good and bad cards so you know what to do, when to match, when to rise and when to fold. You should give up, for example, I’ll tell you if you have a win instead. Your strategy is based on keeping others from 카지노사이트 about your move so you can make them pay dearly for cheating on you. Be aware of your level, don’t consider yourself an expert and watch and learn from experienced players. The best poker players are good at timing, but that doesn’t guarantee victory. It’s always best to double-check all competitors beforehand to see if they only play if they have good cards, if they’re folded, if they’re going all out, or if they’re being cautious. Play with players of the same or lower level than you; try to find higher level players at the table before it’s too late. There’s nothing better than knowing who’s sitting at the table before you face them. If you don’t know your opponents, is patient and a little restrained at first, they will find out and you will get a better idea of ​​the table.

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Play calmly and quietly, within your financial means, get used to the idea of ​​losing what you play, otherwise you will not play at your best. What you can’t lose, don’t bet. Set the rules and respect them, if you decide you can spend a certain amount, it stays there, but if you miss it, don’t play again that day, just have fun and it’s not a problem. You have to set profit and loss limits. Profit? You call it a profit limit because as a rule, even though it’s not physical in poker, it’s like everything that goes up goes, and trust me; your stack can go down faster than it went up. . Take advantage of your streak and finish with a win.

Be patient and avoid moves that you put in problem hands,

 If you feel sad after a good loss of cards or if the table is out of control, you can sit down. This is your best bet because a second or third loss can force you to play off center and focus more on quick recovery than knowing poker. Take time not to play and wait, don’t play if you can’t play calmly and calmly.

Game board selection

This is very important; you have to find a table where other players are more wrong than you. If you find this record in the long run, you win; otherwise it lasts for 15 minutes. Once you find the right board, usually look at your opponents, their stack and see who the stronger players are. Avoid conflict with them, or at least be careful, because if you have a successful hand, the good players at the table will definitely notice and get out of your way.

The best table to start with is where players don’t always raise where many players call and where players come from outside the blinds with weak hands like K 4 or A 5. Different and where players make big raises with good hands. When you sit down for the first time, don’t bet the big blind. Instead, wait and watch the table. With a few hands you will start to get an idea of ​​the quality of the board. For more information visit our website


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