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Home is something that brings us all – tranquility and happiness. After a long day at work, when you are tired, it is only your home that you return to relax. But why so? Because no matter wherever you go, no place on earth can give you joy and peace as your sweet abode. At home, you need to follow only your rules and ways to pleasure and contentment; you can be yourself. Home never minds! While it does so much for you, it is your responsibility to take care of it too and keep it as beautiful and gracious as possible.

With an ocean full of varieties in each item we use these days and rapid transformations happening in this scenario, it is a tough job to style and keep your dream home trendy and good-looking all the time. Also, it can tear your pockets as well. However, you still go that extra mile to cheer up and blend an exotic feel to your heavenly residences as you might be looking forward to this for a long-long time, especially if you are newlyweds. So, style up your home décor with these fantastic and elegant accessories to add an extra oomph to it.

Timeless Rugs and Carpets

Rugs are not only to keep your feet warm and comfy on cold and hard floors but also to enhance the aesthetics of your interiors. They can define your place, giving it a more personal touch and look large. Hand-woven cotton rugs are trending in full swing and are fit for all seasons and occasions. They are cozy and come in vibrant designs and colors. Try Lemonade’s Exquisite Beige & Multicolor Flat Weave Rug hand-knotted with the soft and highest quality organic cotton and give your home a lively, rustic, luxurious, and glam look with a pop of color. It’s an excellent substitute for your hefty and difficult-to-manage upholstery.

All-rounder Throw Blankets

Throws are perfect options to comfort you on colder days while lazing up in bed or on your movie date nights on your king-size couch. However, they play gorgeous ornaments to your home décor, especially when stylishly hanging from one arm of your sofa or couch in your living space. Sofa throws might have been your snuggly partners for several book readings, and well, they are more popular as chic and gorgeous seasonings for your interiors. If you want something elite and classy to light up and transform your lively dwell, you can check out Lemonade’s Twilight Blue & Grey Handcrafted Cashmere Throw.

Friendly Quilts

Is your bed undone, and you are getting late for the office? No worries! Get the best-suited one from Lemonade’s exclusive collection of quilts and cover your morning miss under it. Not only does it disguise your unfinished business, but it charms your special and sudden guests after office as well. Quilts are your friends both in need and in deeds. They are lightweight, keeping you cool and dry in humid summers and warm in winters. 

There are more on the list. However, these are enough, to begin with, for your house to stand out from the crowd. Wait no more! Let your place feel as refreshing as a glass of Lemonade!

Moon Saxena 

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