Sydney Sweeney’s Net Worth Is Honestly Huge

Sidney Sweeney total net worth would be $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Maybe she can afford a Lil break after all

Sydney Sweeney's Net Worth
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Sydney Sweeney’s Net Worth: Sidney Sweeney, who is only twenty-five years old, has more money than most people in a lifetime due to her roles in several Emmy-nominated series and her emerging position in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sydney’s net worth? It’s huge, but based on a candid (and rather controversial) interview she told about her finances—I’m pretty sure she has a different definition of “big” than most people. Are you ready to get started? Well, I also enjoy learning about other people’s wealth!

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Sydney Sweeney made most of her money acting

After being cast in The Handmaid’s Tale she won a role in Sharp Objects, received an Emmy nomination for The White Lotus, and received another nod for her performance in Euphoria. Due to her role in Madame Web, she is also earning money for Marvel.

Sidney opened up about her finances in a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying that she constantly puts too much pressure on herself to work and that she doesn’t make as much money as people might believe. Her exact per-episode salary is unknown, as is her salary from Marvel, although they usually pay, uh, pretty cool.

“If I want to take a six-month hiatus, I don’t have the money to do so,” she said. “I don’t have anyone to help me, I don’t have anyone I can call for help or pay my expenses.” yes same!

“Actors don’t get paid like they used to, and with streamers, you don’t get residuals anymore,” she continued. Established stars continue to receive payments, but I must contribute 5% to my attorney, 10% to my agents, and 3% or more to my business manager. Every month, I have to pay my publicist, which is more than my mortgage.

She supplements her income with brand deals

Sidney, like most celebrities, made deals with several firms to earn more money. He explained to The Hollywood Reporter that he decided to start working with brands like Miu Miu because of the cost of acting, saying, “If I only performed, I wouldn’t be able to afford my life in L.A. I.” If the deal happens I have to accept it, what do I do?

According to Dirt, Sydney bought her home in 2021 for the $305,000 she listed, and it is located in the exclusive Westwood district. She called buying the house “an amazing, humbling, wonderful accomplishment that I still can’t believe I was able to pull off,” but there are no pictures due to privacy.

So Sidney Sweeney’s total net worth would be $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Maybe she can afford a Lil break after all.

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